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8 Of The Best, Beefiest Burger Joints To Try In Manchester

By Laura Rogan

8 Of The Best, Beefiest Burger Joints To Try In Manchester

From super-stacked to chicken and vegan – there’s not a burger in Manchester that you can’t get your hands on.

Nothing quite says ‘weekend’ like throwing the whole diet out of the window and when the food is this good, how can anyone blame you? The Secret Manchester team has rounded up the best burgers to try out in Manchester this weekend if eating well is on your agenda. Good luck with choosing…

1. Solita, Northern Quarter and Didsbury

Credit: Solita Restaurants

An understated, US-themed restaurant – Solita is known for being the home of the pun-derful ‘Big Manc’, serving up some real beasty burgers at their Northern Quarter joint (which we recommend enjoying on an empty tummy!).

Each burger is an absolute whopper, all created with multiple 4 oz patties of prime Wagyu chuck steak and topped with all the good stuff you could think of – like bacon, pastrami, and even Yorkshire puddings. As if that wasn’t enough already, be sure to check out their filling sides and starters too, with Cheeseburger spring rolls, Mac & Cheese balls and wings galore to choose from. Yum! 37 Turner Street, Manchester, M4 1DW

2. V Rev, Northern Quarter

Credit: V Rev

This one’s for the vegans! V Rev is one of the city’s best options for meat-free diners, with the entire menu serving up seriously tasty vegan junk food for those who like to live on the naughty side of life.

They really don’t do things by halves, with thirteen piled-high burgers to choose from with fillings such as their vegan beefy patties and ‘buttermalk fried seitan chckn’ all topped with meat and dairy-free toppings such as ‘cheez’ and ‘baecon’. 10/10 for taste and creativity! 20-26 Edge St, Manchester, M4 1HN

3. Almost Famous, Northern Quarter and Great Northern Warehouse

Credit: Almost Famous

One of Manchester’s most-loved burger joints – Almost Famous serves up a real messy burger, and it’s worth every finger-lickin’ minute!

Each burger is stacked high and smothered in all the cheese and sauces you could dream of, resulting in a delicious, taste explosion. I’m salivating at the thought… Options vary from double to triple cheeseburgers, with a chicken option, veggie option and vegan burger chucked in there too. The portions of fries are big enough to share, although we’re not gonna lie – they’re so good you probably won’t want to. Be sure to try out the Pizza Fries at their NQ restaurant on your cheat day for a real treat. 100-102 High St, Manchester, M4 1HP | Unit 2, Great Northern, Peter St, Manchester M3 4EN

4. Patty Queen, Escape to Freight Island

Credit: Patty Queen

Newcomer to the burger scene here in Manchester, Patty Queen serves seriously good double-stacked burgers, with both vegan and meaty options to choose from. Enjoy brunch burgers featuring sausage patties, classic cheesys, and those of the fried chicken variety, as well as fried cod hot dogs for those fancying something a little different.

The spot is nestled within the new Manc-fave Escape to Freight Island, alongside a number of drinks vendors to wash your stacked burger down with. Boldly claiming themselves as the ‘best burger this side of Santa Monica’, the spot is well worth a try if you’re a bonafide burger lover. Escape to Freight Island, 11 Baring St, M1 2PZ.


5. Yard & Coop, Northern Quarter

Credit: Yard & Coop

The only just-chicken option on the list, Yard & Coop is pretty unbeatable when it comes to buttermilk chicken.

The restaurant serves up ‘proper fried chicken’ in a variety of ways, but if you’re in the mood for a burger – these one’s are worth ditching the beef for. Their star menu item is the ‘Massive Cock’, a skyscraper of a burger that sits at over 12 inches tall and definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted. It double-stacks buttermilk fried chicken breasts with chicken thigh, Yorkshire puddings, pea and onion fritter, chicken tots, bacon jam, cheese, gravy, hash brown and mac & cheese. Not only that, but it’s also tastily finished off in a brioche bun with stuffing balls on top and fries on the side. I’m out of breath just listing it… If that’s a tad too much for you to handle, there are of course more modestly sized menu items to choose from! 37 Edge St, Manchester, M4 1HW

6. Honest Burgers, City Centre

Credit: Honest Burgers

Specialising in local burgers and beers, Honest Burgers believes in sourcing everything they serve honestly, which is why their burgers are made in their very own butchers. The brand has quickly grown across the country, originally calling only Brixton home, and now serves up a perfectly curated menu of delicious food for some juicy casual dining.

One thing that Honest Burgers does differently (and has done from the very beginning) is make many of their items in-house, meaning their chips, relish, patties and even the pickles are all made fresh from scratch. Because of this, you can expect high quality and serious flavour whenever you visit – giving it a worthy place on this list. Honest Burgers, 36 Bridge St, Manchester, M3 3BT

7. Archie’s, Piccadilly, the Arndale and Oxford Road

Credit: Archie’s

A late-night favourite for Mancs everywhere, Archie’s has seen rapid growth since its 2010 opening. The burger joint currently has four restaurants in Manchester alone, providing seriously good grub wherever you are in the city.

There’s a huge array of stacked, juicy burgers to choose from, topped with naughty items such as chicken, bacon, lamb donner, chilli con carne and all the sauces you could dream of. Guests can finish off their burgers with sides of chicken, tater tots, nachos and milkshakes, with tons of milkshake flavours to choose from and an accompanying waffle menu for those with a sweet tooth. Archie’s, 6 & 7, Gateway House, Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2GH | 115 Oxford Rd, Manchester M1 7DU

8. Hawksmoor, Deansgate

Credit: Hawksmoor

The home of seriously good meat, Hawksmoor really knows how to cook up some tasty beef – and their burgers are no exception. Set in an old Victorian Courthouse boasting some pretty fancy decor, the restaurant might only serve a couple of burgers, but that doesn’t make it any less worthy of a mention.

The burgers join a huge list of steak cuts to choose from, all created with 100% grass-fed British beef and the best of the best ingredients – such as Ogleshield cheese, beef short-rib and beef dripping fries. Hawksmoor, 184, 186 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3WB

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