Chow Down On Peanut Butter Burgers At This Fun Manchester Burger Joint

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Chow Down On Peanut Butter Burgers At This Fun Manchester Burger Joint

Let me introduce you to Fat Hippo.

Burgers have come a long way since their origins as simply a bit of beef sandwiched between two pieces of bread. So far in Manchester, we’ve been treated to mash-ups of American and Indian cuisine, burrito-burger hybrids, and even a chicken kiev burger. We’ve been absolutely spoiled for choice. And now, our burger scene has got even juicier.

Rolling into town earlier this year, Fat Hippo can be found within the Great Northern, as part of the brand new Lane 7 complex. Hailing from the Jesmond in the North East, Fat Hippo has seen huge success in cities such as Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield and Leeds – and now, we North Westerners can finally find out what the hype is all about for ourselves.

Credit: Fat Hippo

Boasting a menu of classic American flavours, the burgers are packed with the kind of saucy goodness that drips down your arms as you joyfully stuff your face – making for a messy, but memorable meal. We’re talking double patties finished off with smokey bacon, cajun waffle fries, chorizo, onion rings and all the sauce you could dream of. But it’s the PB & Double J burger that’s really caught our eye.

Consisting of two juicy beef patties, the burger is topped with chunky peanut butter, bacon jam and smoked chilli jello – and it’s a unique combo that we cannot wait to try.

The restaurant also serves a number of huge buttermilk chicken burgers, with vegan starters and mains to enjoy too.

Fat Hippo is open now, and can be found within the Lane 7 complex in the Great Northern Warehouse, Deansgate.

[Featured image: Fat Hippo]

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