8 Amazing Manchester Restaurants Serving Up The Loveliest Afternoon Teas

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8 Amazing Manchester Restaurants Serving Up The Loveliest Afternoon Teas

Who said Afternoon Tea had to be just boring finger sandwiches?

Not us. In fact, many Manchester institutions have turned the traditional Afternoon Tea on its head – inventing more fun, boozy and carb-injected tiers of grub for us to nibble on. So, without further ado… Check out our guide to the very best Afternoon Tea offerings in Manchester.

1. Fress

Credit: Fress Restaurant

Newly introduced to Fress is their brand new Afternoon Tea, packed with all the sugary goodness you could possibly dream of. Start off with savoury treats such as chicken and waffles, before moving on to the huge layered cheesecakes, pancakes and milkshakes – not a single sandwich in sight. I’m stuffed just thinking about it. The whole thing costs just £20pp, and can be booked directly with Fress. Fress, 62 Oldham St, M4 1LE.

2. Brewski

Credit: Brewski

Brewski might be well known for their humongous sharing platters, but they actually also serve an Afternoon Tea specifically designed for people who hate Afternoon Tea. On the tiers you’ll find a whole lotta meat, including steak, fried chicken and pulled pork sliders, complete with halloumi fries, poutine, mac and cheese and a pot of G&T. The version completely ditches everything traditional about the afternoon meal for the better, replacing actual tea with a bit of booze and giving us the carbs we really deserve. Afternoon Tea costs £25pp. Brewski, 58 W Mosley St, M2 3HZ.

3. King Street Townhouse

Credit: King Street Townhouse

King Street Townhouse delivers a traditional Afternoon Tea for those who like the novelty of it, albeit, served with a glass of champagne instead if you’d prefer a bit of booze over a pot of tea. The traditional option is served with an array of sandwiches, scones, cakes and pastries, but for those looking for something a little different – there’s a Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea to choose from, too. With this one, guests will receive canapé-style treats such as slider burgers, fries, sweet treats and more wonderfully beige options, with cocktails and fine wines on offer to wash it all down with. From £24.50pp. King Street Townhouse, 10 Booth St, M2 4AW.

4. Grand Pacific

Credit: Grand Pacific

A great spot if you’re looking for something special, Grand Pacific’s Afternoon Tea is as opulent as the venue itself. Served on a lavish stand with a huge golden pineapple in the middle, guests can treat themselves to a selection of cakes and sweet treats, with evolving themes throughout the year (including Pride, Halloween and Christmas!). Savoury options are available (packed with so many delicious treats such as lobster crumpets and arancini!) or for those with a sweet tooth, opt for macarons, trifles and tarts. Prices start at £23pp. Grand Pacific, 50 Spring Gardens, M2 1EN.

5. Sunset by Australasia

Credit: Sunset by Australasia

Inspired by the flavours of Australasia (just like their main menu), Sunset’s Afternoon Tea is packed full of goodies and is best suited to those with a bit of a sweet tooth. Scoff macarons, honey cake, ice cream and more – with drink options including cocktails, rosé and mocktails. For those who prefer something savoury, there’s a bento box to start with which is packed with sushi, edamame beans and other favourites, and can be finished off with Sunset’s very own frozen Pornstar Martini. Prices start at £22.50pp. Sunset by Australasia, 1 The Avenue, M3 3AP.

6. Menagerie

Credit: Menagerie

Menagerie is one of Manchester’s most Instagrammed venues, and for good reason, too. Every corner is a spectacle – with floral installations, neon lights, angel wings and so much more draped from the ceiling, and marble tables with gold finishings that just scream ‘lavish’. But anyway, onto their equally fabulous Afternoon Tea. Arriving at the table on its very own Ferris wheel, the traditional Afternoon Tea includes a selection of classic sandwiches and cakes, with their Menagerie Afternoon Tea including more varied treats such as Bao buns, sliders, Caulipops and Medianoche Cuban sandwiches. Prices start at £23pp for both, with alcoholic versions available, too. Menagerie, One New Bailey, New Bailey St, Salford, M3 5JL.

7. 20 Stories

Credit: 20 Stories

An Afternoon Tea high up in the sky, 20 Stories offers a number of different options suited to different tastes – including a classic sandwich selection, an Afternoon Tea packed out with tiers of tasty sweet treats (that look as good as they taste), and a scone selection – again, replicating the traditional Afternoon Tea. Each offering can be enjoyed with tea, or paired with cocktails for a boozier affair. Prices start at just £20pp. 20 Stories, NO. 1, 1 Hardman Square, M3 3EB.

8. Malmaison

Credit: Malmaison Manchester

Part traditional, part suitable for those who aren’t totally mad on sandwiches, Malmaison’s Afternoon Tea includes the choice of the ‘Classic Cream Tea’ which is full of scones, tarts and brownies, the ‘Mal Afternoon Tea’, which includes burger sliders, wraps, cakes and more, and a number of alcoholic versions including cocktails, prosecco and champagne. Fancy! For those who prefer a warm cuppa, there’s a huge list of teas to choose from. Prices start at just £12pp up to £27pp – depending on whether you opt for fizz or tea. Malmaison, 1-3 Piccadilly, M1 3AQ.

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