This Manchester Restaurant Serves Up The Biggest Sharing Platters We’ve Ever Seen • Brewski

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This Manchester Restaurant Serves Up The Biggest Sharing Platters We’ve Ever Seen • Brewski

Stretchy pants? Check!

There’s no denying Manchester has a vast offering when it comes to American food and brunch options. The city is peppered with incredible burger joints at every turn – so what makes this place so special?

Credit: Brewski

With two restaurants in the city centre and Chorlton, Brewski doesn’t do comfort food by halves. Specialising in brunch, in particular, the laid back North American restaurant features simple Canadian-inspired decor with wood and brick finishes, putting the focus well and truly on the food.

Credit: Brewski

The real star of the show though? Brewski’s huge sharing platters. Each sharing dish is created with socialising in mind, with multiple options to suit groups of two and over – and trust us when we say they’re not for the faint-hearted.

Sharing platter options vary, with their popular ‘Mate Date’ combo including two burgers, two burritos, chicken tenders in buffalo sauce and a heap of fries – and that’s just for two people!

Credit: Brewski

The more adventurous platters are a whole 20 inches wide and absolutely jam-packed with food, with one option including traditional brunch items such as sausage patties, bacon, flat iron steak, pancakes, and all the trimmings, and the other including everything you need to create your very own poutine.

Credit: Brewski

If that wasn’t enough to stomach already, the restaurant also has an Afternoon Tea designed especially for people who hate Afternoon Tea. The cake stand is stacked high with burgers, steak, mac & cheese, fried chicken, halloumi fries and poutine. There’s also absolutely no tea in sight, with a pot of gin for two being served instead.

Putting Canadian heritage at the heart of everything they do, their poutine is a real highlight – and they don’t go lightly with the toppings! The restaurant is also open daily, ready to fulfil your hangover needs or comfort food cravings.

Brewski Bar, Unit 1, 58 W Mosley St, Manchester, M2 3HZ | 537-539 Wilbraham Rd, Manchester, M21 0UE
Opening hours vary dependant on the restaurant
Platter prices start from £27.50 

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