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Plans Have Been Approved To Build The UK’s Biggest Arena In Manchester

By Laura Rogan

The new arena will be built, despite protests from local businesses.

With plans to open as early as 2023, a whopping new indoor arena is set to be built in Manchester. Oak View Group has confirmed back in February that they’d be bringing forward their planning application for the arena, which will be the biggest in the UK once completed.

The arena is set to hold a capacity of 23,500, trumping Manchester’s AO (formerly MEN) Arena which has a capacity of 21,000 and currently holds the title as the largest in the country. There’ll also be a huge floor space with room for 10,000 to stand. Not only will the project be the biggest arena in the UK, but it’ll also be with most expensive in Europe, costing an eye-watering £350 million to build.

Credit: OVG

The plans reveal the venue would host both music and sporting events, creating 3,500 jobs for locals during the construction period and 1,000 after. It’s also been confirmed that OVG (Oak View Group) will build on a site in the Eastlands area, right by the Etihad and the Ashton Canal.


The proposal for the new arena focused on a number of elements such as providing local employment, creating a fully-flexible event space that can cater for different types of events such as concerts and sports matches, and delivering cutting-edge audio and visual technology for a world-class experience. Despite protests from local businesses – including the Manchester Arena, Arndale and the Manchester Hospitality Network – who were all concerned the new arena would drive footfall out of town, the plans are now set to go ahead – with councillors approving of the idea.

OVG has huge ambitions for the arena, with the hopes of large scale events such as the Brit Awards being hosted at the arena and an estimated £1.5bn brought into the city’s economy over the next 20 years.