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Discover The Magic Of Immersive Experiences In Manchester

Chloe Byrne Chloe Byrne

Discover The Magic Of Immersive Experiences In Manchester

Step into new worlds and get lost in symphonies at one of Manchester’s enchanting immersive experiences.

If you’re after an extraordinary night out, Manchester is jam-packed with immersive experiences that bring the pages of fiction and the melodies of music to life. In the space of a day you could be stumbling down rabbit holes into curiosity-clad cocktail bars, encountering fantastic beasts in mist-cloaked forests or pulling up a front row seat to see Magic-Mike-worthy abs. Here’s a round up of some amazing experiences that will have you happily waving goodbye to reality…

1. Take a trip into wonderland at the Mad Hatter’s (Gin &) Tea Party

Embrace the madness at this immersive cocktail experience which features a feast of theatrical performances, kaleidoscopic props and, most importantly, plenty of gin. As you sip Beefeater concoctions from porcelain teacups you will be whisked away to the psychedelic world of Alice In Wonderland, rubbing shoulders with the Mad Hatter and March Hare as they spin tales of their eccentric exploits. For a true immersion in the mayhem, dressing up is encouraged, so be sure to don your finest polka dots, pinstripes and top hats. Get your tickets here

2. Indulge your guilty pleasures at Boy Toy Bottomless Brunch

Pancakes smothered in lashings of golden syrup, the natural sweetness of fresh fruit dancing on your tongue and the spine-tingling crunch of crispy bacon, oh, and a large helping of sculpted abs and bulging biceps? This delectable boy toy brunch offers the perfect accompaniment to your midday meal. Make sure not to choke on your bottomless bubbles as a carousel of male dancers take to the stage, promising four hours of immersive dances and alluring acrobatics. Book your brunch spot here

3. Explore the mythical wilderness on the Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

When night falls, lightbulbs flicker out and the moon cuts a crescent-shaped hole in the onyx sky, the beasts of the Forbidden Forest are said to appear. Wandering along this bewitching woodland trail you will come face to face with a menagerie of creatures from the wizarding world. Keep your eyes peeled for the gleaming coat of a Hippogriff, listen out for the thundering hooves of a Centaur and make sure to have a firm grasp on anything shiny, as Nifflers have also been spotted darting among the thick tangle of trees. This fascinating immersive experience also gives you the opportunity to conjure a Patronus, before rounding things up with food and drink by a blazing fire. Grab tickets here.

4. Serve your sentence at Alcotraz Prison Cocktail Bar

Credit: Alcotraz

With world-class cocktails, mixologist convicts and easily-corruptible guards, a prison sentence at Alcotraz doesn’t seem all that bad. Follow in the footsteps of Michael Scofield as you seek to liberate your fellow inmates, but you’ll need no elaborate back tattoos for this, just a knack for smuggling liquor past the eagle-eyed warden. Once you’ve wiggled into your orange jumpsuit and delivered the contraband you’ll be rewarded with a variety of to-kill-for cocktails in your cosy cell. Get your tickets here

5. Witness a unique take on electronic music at Candlelight: A Tribute to Daft Punk

An homage to the electronic music duo Daft Punk, this immersive experience is a blessing to the ears and the eyes. It takes place in Manchester Cathedral, where the intricate Gothic architecture is illuminated by the dancing flames of candles, while an orchestra bathed in colourful neon lighting plays Daft Punk’s world-famous repertoire with their own classical twist. All you need to do is sit back, close your eyes and let the music wash over you. Book your seat here

6. Listen to an orchestral rendition of Eminem’s hits at this stunning Candlelight tribute

Get ready for a mesmerising collision of classical and rap music as the Kaleidoscope Orchestra perform modern day magic with this immersive tribute to Eminem. The talented group of musicians will play the iconic hits of the American rapper in one of Manchester’s architectural gems (the exact location is still a secret yet to be disclosed). With nothing but gentle candlelight to brighten the atmospheric setting, you are sure to lose yourself in the musicĀ as soon as the first note is reaches your ears. Grab your tickets here

7. Dig out your deerstalker and trench coat for an evening of deduction at this murder mystery

Murder Mystery

A chance to channel your inner Sherlock, break out your best southern drawl a la Benoit Blanc or practise the steely glare of Olivia Benson, this immersive murder mystery game will put your detective skills to the test. Over the course of two hours you will be tasked with uncovering a murder that took place in the bowels of an abandoned building. Soon even your closest friends will become suspects and the curl of the peeling wallpaper will be a crucial clue as you devoutly seek out who committed the terrible crime. Find your tickets here

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