The Charming Hidden Coffee Shack & Pizzeria That’s Tucked Away In The Woods

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The Charming Hidden Coffee Shack & Pizzeria That’s Tucked Away In The Woods

Escape to the wilderness at this cosy coffee shack.

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite like escaping the real world for more calming, greener surroundings – which is exactly the ethos of Into The Wild; a forest experience tucked away deep inside the ancient woodland of Bollin Wood near Ashley, Altrincham. Swapping modern-day technology for Mother Nature, Into The Wild believes in taking the time to reconnect with your surroundings – something most of us could benefit from in a world full of LED screens and throwaway content.

Credit: Into The Wild Bushcraft

Combining mindful courses and workshops with tranquil surroundings, guests can truly make the trip their own during their visit – opting for experiences ranging from wild survival school to stargazing in the great outdoors.

Stumble upon their wonderful camp in the wilderness, and you’ll find a quaint coffee shack stocked with the finest coffee and the warmest of welcomes, where walkers and passersby can grab a hot drink and seek refuge from the elements under their lantern-lit parachute shelters. Open 365 days a year, the shack has a little something for whatever the weather, including refreshing ice cream on the cooler days, and, of course, freshly brewed coffee on the colder and wetter of days.

Credit: Into The Wild Bushcraft

On weekends, they offer the perfect post-walk treats, too, with wood-fired pizzas – each of which is made in their very own stone oven by a pizzaiolo boasting an impressive 30 years of experience. Into The Wild fires up the oven every single Saturday from 12pm-8pm, serving up pizzas topped with foraged produce – very on theme! – and even huge half-metre long pizzas to share with your family or friends.

Additionally, guests can also fill up on tasty Bratwursts, and even the occasional pastel de nata to finish off with. Once you’ve filled your tum with as much grub as you could physically handle, guests can kick back on a cosy hammock, while taking in the stunning sights of the tall treetops pointing up towards the sky – a perfect feeling on a dark, clear evening.

Credit: Into The Wild Bushcraft

For the more adventurous among us, Into The Wild hosts a number of fantastic workshops to get involved in, where guests can channel their inner Bear Grylls and learn the art of survival. Participants learn to build shelter, light fires, prepare game, and even carve up their own cutlery using the nearby trees. Kids can also get in on the action, too, with specific workshops catered to the little ones.

To find out more and book a workshop, head to their website here.

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