The Ultimate Guide To 44 Of The Best Dog-Friendly Spots In Manchester

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The Ultimate Guide To 44 Of The Best Dog-Friendly Spots In Manchester

Planning a cute day out with your pooch? Whether it’s a barking mad bar crawl you’re after or a romantic date with your fur child – Manchester isn’t short of dog-friendly spots in the city centre. Check out our guide to the best places to spend some quality time with man’s best friend.

1. Alberts Schloss

Most of us know Schloss as being one of the last stops on a seriously fun night out on the town, but the venue is also a brilliant all-day bar and restaurant – providing refuge to our four-legged friends, too. Well behaved dogs are allowed to stop by with their owners to kick back and relax on one of Schloss’ designated dog tables, you’ll just need to book ahead before visiting. Albert’s Schloss, 27 Peter St, M2 5QR.

2. Rudy’s

It’s only fitting given that Rudy’s is literally named after the founder’s dog that the popular pizzeria is dog friendly. The casual dining spot is more than welcoming of your pooch pals, but it’s probably best not to feed them their tasty pizzas (as much as we’d like them to experience the yumminess!). Tables can currently be booked in advance to help with social distancing, however, walk-ins are also permitted. Rudy’s, 9 Cotton St, Ancoats, M4 5BF | Petersfield House, Peter St, M2 5QJ.

3. Seven Bro7hers

Nothing beats a casual Sunday, sat back with a tasty pint with your best friend. And by best friend, we obviously mean the dog. It’s not a rare sight to see pups strolling about the bar at Seven Bro7hers, each as friendly as the next and hoping for a few cuddles. The bar operates on a walk-in basis, so no need to give them a heads up if your pupper’s tagging along. Seven Bro7hers, 39 Blossom St, Ancoats, M4 5AF.

4. Trof

One of the many reasons that we love Trof so much here at Secret Manchester is the ability to dog-spot while tucking into a hearty meal. A Sunday roast with a side of puppy cuddles? Sounds like the perfect day if you ask me. Trof is currently taking table bookings to help with social distancing, so if you want to secure your doggy date, it’s best to book ahead. Trof, 8 Thomas St, M4 1EU.

5. The Counter House

Ancoats’ go-to spot for Sunday dining is often bustling with people catching up, enjoying beautiful food and petting their canine companions – but it’s not just Sundays that dogs are allowed in. Head over any day of the week to enjoy their ever-extensive and diverse menu, and your furry little friend will be welcomed with open arms and a cosy spot to chill out. The Counter House, 35 Blossom St, Ancoats, M4 6AJ.

6. Northern Eudaimonia

The pinnacle of doggy entertainment (particularly during the summer), Northern Eudaimonia is Ancoats’ uber-sweet dessert spot – with puddings for pups and humans alike. Situated on the lovely marina, it’s the perfect spot to soak up the sun and cool off with a tasty pot of doggy ice cream. Nothern Eudaimonia, 6 New Union St, M4 6FQ.

7. The Anthologist

Somewhere a little boujier for our four-legged babies to enjoy, your pups can enjoy the finer things in life at The Anthologist – including pawsecco and a few doggy treats for the good bois. Enjoy a cocktail and a bit of grub with the knowledge that your furry friend feels just as pampered as you do, with relaxed but luxurious decor making your doggy date feel extra special.

8. Mackie Mayor

Market-style spot Mackie Mayor allows for all doggys (well behaved, that is) on the premises, considering the furry little dudes as family members. There’s plenty of space for them to get cosy, too, with communal-style seating dotted all over the venue and a couple of little nooks for them to get cosy in, including Reserve Wines and an outdoor dining area. Mackie Mayor, 1 Eagle St, M4 5BU.

9. Cottonopolis

Cottonopolis is among the many Northern Quarter spots happily opening up their doors for dogs to toddle inside. The Japanese-inspired restaurant has long been welcoming of pooches, providing a chilled and happy atmosphere that’s enjoyable for both dogs and their owners. Plus, the staff are always so happy to see their lovely little faces, even providing them bowls of water to rehydrate, and maybe even treats if you’re lucky. Cottonopolis, 16 Newton St, M1 2AE.

10. The Whiskey Jar

The Whiskey Jar is more than happy to see your beloved pets, and we have a feeling your pet will be happy there, too. With a secret stash of doggy treats behind the bar, you’ll want your four-legged friend on its best behaviour for a tasty reward while you sup on delicious cocktails. The Whiskey Jar, 14 Tariff St, M1 2FF.

11. Cask

Another spot on the New Islington marina, Cask is a great place to drink by the waterside – and your barking buddies are welcome, too. There are tons of different beers to try during your visit, with views of the marina and outdoor seating available for the warmer months, too. Cask, Cottonfield Wharf, 2 New Union Street New Islington Marina, Ancoats, M4 6FQ.

Other dog-friendly spots in the city

12. Second City
13. Soup Kitchen
14. The Quarter House
15. Foundation Coffee House
16. BrewDog
17. V Rev
18. Terrace NQ
19. Three Little Words
20. Ezra & Gil
21. Home Sweet Home
22. The Bay Horse Tavern
23. Cane & Grain
24. Common
25. The Pen & Pencil
26. The Jane Eyre
27. Flok
28. Crazy Pedro’s
29. Elnecot
30. BAB
31. Tariff and Dale
32. The Refuge
33. Black Dog Ballroom
34. The Wharf
35. Wolf at the Door
36. Mowgli
37. Peru Perdu
38. The Oast House
39. Federal
40. Nam
41. Canto
42. Escape to Freight Island
43. Lazy Sundae
44. Feel Good Club

[Featured image: Alberts Schloss/Rudy’s]

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