The Old MOT Station That’s Been Completely Transformed Into A Pizzeria & Outdoor Dining Destination

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The Old MOT Station That’s Been Completely Transformed Into A Pizzeria & Outdoor Dining Destination

Ancoats’ newest hangout is here.

Opening their hatch just over two months ago for collection orders, Ramona MCR is Ancoats’ newest haunt – and it’s bringing some serious deep-pan perfection into our lives.

Gracing the scene with their grand ‘IRL’ opening in April, the new pizzeria has created a truly incredible space, including a brand new beer garden complete with a campfire and a margarita bar to enjoy during the long summer nights.

Credit: Ramona MCR

Set within an old MOT station on Swan Street – between the Northern Quarter and Ancoats – Ramona was born out of a collaboration with Manchester’s hottest developers, Capital & Centric, who together have completely transformed the formerly derelict site into something locals can enjoy throughout the week. If you haven’t heard of them already, Capital & Centric are responsible for breathing life back into a number of Manchester’s abandoned sites, including Crusader Mill behind Piccadilly station, the Talbot Mill and many more.

Serving up a hot and fresh menu of Detroit-style pizzas, which are baked in blue steel pans to create a thick, focaccia-like base, Ramona adds a breath of fresh air to Manchester’s already diverse pizza scene thanks to their American approach to the Italian classic and unbeatable outdoor space.

Credit: Ramona MCR

The pizzas are topped with cheese and other toppings of your choice before being popped in the oven, and only after being cooked to perfection is the tomato sauce added. The finished result is a saucy, fluffy, deep-pan pizza with gloriously crispy edges and full flavour in every single bite.

Sticking with the classics for their menu, guests can expect a whole lot of pepperoni, salami, N’Duja and even Ramona’s very own ‘hot honey’, which levels up every dish it’s used on with just a little drizzle. Vegans can also enjoy a number of creations concocted just for them, too.


Credit: Ramona MCR

But back to the all-important outdoor space. Boasting an alfresco offering which includes a 250-capacity beer garden with campfires and firepits to keep us warm on the cooler evenings, Ramona has become the place to be, with a cosy giant tipi also on-site for us to take shelter in when it inevitably rains.

If that wasn’t all, at the bar, guests can enjoy local beers and live music, as well as a Mexican-inspired margarita bar that is sure to help us drown our post-lockdown woes away all summer long.

Bookings are open now, and you can find out more about Ramona MCR here. Ramona MCR, 40 Swan St, M4 5JG.

[Featured image: Ramona MCR]

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