7 Of The Most Fantastic Places To Fill Up On A Full English Breakfast In Manchester

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7 Of The Most Fantastic Places To Fill Up On A Full English Breakfast In Manchester

And when up North, you best believe it’d better be a proper fry-up – the keyword there being fry. Just like a Sunday roast, here in our glorious region, the classic full English is an absolute institution – packed with only the naughtiest ingredients and not a single bit of crushed avo in sight. No siree, only beige on these plates, please. From Manchester’s greasy spoons to the best coffee shops in town, here are the best places for a full English breakfast in Manchester.

1. The Koffee Pot

Credit: The Koffee Pot

Manchester’s flagship greasy spoon, The Koffee Pot has been going since the 70s, and it’s still filling the tums of Manchester to this day. Serving up a proper fry up with all the trimmings, guests can expect a hearty serving of sausage, bacon and baked beans, with mushrooms, hash brown and, of course, a fried egg. Later it with ketchup, and if you ask me, you’re onto a winner. The Koffee Pot, 84-86 Oldham St, M4 1LE.

2. Bread & Bowl

Credit: Bread and Bowl

Ok, so it’s not your traditional fry up, but it’s certainly worth the shout out. Piled up into a round loaf, Bread and Bowl take breakfast to the next level, filling each sourdough with classic brekky items such as sausages, thick-cut bacon, hash browns, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and even cheese. Complete with a fried egg on top (sunny side up, of course), the delicious breakfast is probably one of the most filling full English’s around. Find them at Mary & Archies, 200 Burton Rd, M20 2LW. 

3. 19 Cafe Bar

Credit: 19 Cafe Bar

19 Cafe Bar might be mostly known for their fluffy pancake stacks, but their full English fry up is pretty worth a try, too. Filled with all the good stuff including crispy bacon, proper bangers, black pudding, baked beans, fried eggs and mushrooms, the Northern Quarter cafe keeps it traditional for the breakfast feast, keeping the American inspiration for its more dessert-like breakfasts. 19 Cafe Bar, 19 Lever St, M1 1BY.

4. Ezra & Gil

Credit: Ezra & Gil

While it’s not exactly a greasy spoon kinda breakfast, Ezra & Gil’s still ranks as one of our favourites. Swapping out the hash browns for toast and the fried eggs for those of the poached variety, the Ezra & Gil breakfast is the kind that you can enjoy whatever the occasion – not just for a quick fill up on a hungover Sunday morning. Ezra & Gil, 20 Hilton St, M1 1FR. 


5. Home Sweet Home

Credit: Home Sweet Home

Putting their own spin on the classic brekky, Home Sweet Home makes sure all diners leave full. Plates are piled high with goodies such as crispy bacon, sausage patties, fried eggs, black pudding, beans, tomatoes, bread and even bacon tater tots, adding a slight American flair to the British dish in true Home Sweet Home style. Home Sweet Home, 49-51 Edge St, M4 1HW.

6. Trof

Credit: Trof

Trof keeps it classic when it comes to breakfast, sticking with the winning formula that makes a full English. Piled up with hash browns, toast, plenty of beans, sausage, bacon and a fried egg, the filling breakfast marks part of Trof’s extensive menu, joined by ‘stuff on toast’ and plenty of veggie and vegan options, too. Trof, 8 Thomas St, M4 1EU.

7. Fress

Credit: Fress

While Fress certainly knows how to take a classic dish and level it up 5000%, one thing they don’t mess with is the classic full English brekky. Served traditional style with sausage, bacon, egg, beans, toast and even a special extra of cheesy hash, the filling breakfast can be enjoyed alongside plenty of brunch cocktails – making this one of the more boujee brekky options in the city. Fress, 62 Oldham St, M4 1LE.

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