You Can Have A Full English In A Giant Sourdough Loaf At This Manchester Pub · Bread and Bowl

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You Can Have A Full English In A Giant Sourdough Loaf At This Manchester Pub · Bread and Bowl

Think you could take this on?

Sure, we’ve always dreamed of not having any washing up to do and just using our food to carry our meal’s components… But not all of us are dreamers. Some of us are doers – including the food geniuses at Bread and Bowl, the team behind this incredibly carby, but Godly creation.

Pimping up fresh, doughy loaves of sourdough, Bread and Bowl does the traditional English breakfast a little differently – ditching the plain white cafe plate and piling it high into a lovely warm loaf.

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Costing just £10 for the whole lot, the “bread bowl” is stuffed with bacon, sausages, hash browns, baked beans, cheese, mushrooms, spinach and a fried egg on top sealing all the good stuff, with the ingredients layered-up like a British lasagne – allowing each bite to be as good as the last. It’s not just meat-eaters that get all the fun either, with a stuffed vegan option available and something for the veggies, too.

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But the breakfast bread bowl isn’t the only thing that’s piqued our interest. The bread legends have also come up with a number of hearty pasta bowls, too, stuffing the likes of Mac and Cheese, seafood chowder and chicken and pancetta into the scrummy sourdough loaves, oozing in creamy sauces, cheeses that pull for miles and fresh, flavourful meats.

Previously calling The Tavern and Spinningfields home, Bread and Bowl can now be found at the Crown and Anchor pub in the Northern Quarter, where they’re serving up a new and extended menu.

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