The Best Films And TV Shows Filmed Right Here In Manchester

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The Best Films And TV Shows Filmed Right Here In Manchester

Experience our wonderful city a whole new way with Secret Manchester’s ultimate guide to films and TV shows that were filmed right here in Manchester. Who knows, you might even notice your favourite local spots!

Captain America

Credit: Marvel Studios

Avid Mancunians can spot a glimpse of Dale Street, Finlay’s Warehouse and Tariff & Dale early on in Marvel blockbuster, Captain America. The film is one of the early instalments in the huge Disney franchise, following Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) as he becomes the Captain America fans know and love today. After Steve Rogers’ transformation into a buff super-soldier, he finds himself in an action-packed chase scene which sees him running through New York… Except, it’s actually the Northern Quarter transformed into a 1940s film set. The production in Manchester was the first time Marvel had filmed outside of the US, however, the scene is pretty short, lasting only a couple of minutes. Blink and you might miss it!

The Stranger

Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s latest big hit, The Stranger, featured a ton of locations right here in Manchester. From Stockport, Manchester city centre and even as far as Bolton, fans are sure to spot a location they recognise while watching. Not only that, but it’s also seriously gripping with a whole lot of twists and turns throughout the keep you entertained during these bleak days. The Netflix original follows a man whose life is turned completely upside down when a stranger shakes up his family life. Read our full guide of the filming locations here.

Peaky Blinders

Credit: BBC

Starring Cillian Murphy, popular BBC show Peaky Blinders regularly makes use of the Northern Quarter’s old, industrial feel. Some of the most prominent filming locations have been the NQ’s Dale Street, Mangle Street and Back Piccadilly – which can be spotted during some of the most pivotal moments throughout the series. Other locations (sort of) nearby include Stockport Plaza, Rochdale Town Hall, Victoria Baths, and Christ Church in Macclesfield. If you haven’t binge-watched it all already, the show follows a criminal gang based in Birmingham as the police try to stop their antics.


Credit: Becker Films

The film biography of Stretford-born Ian Curtis, it’s hardly a surprise Control features scenes filmed across Manchester. A large portion of the film was shot in Macclesfield where Curtis lived for many years, however, and even includes his gravestone which can be found at Macclesfield Cemetery. The movie is based on the book Touching From A Distance written by Curtis’s wife Deborah and documents their life together, as well as the formation of Joy Division. Exact locations haven’t been revealed, however true Mancs may be able to spot out areas of our beloved city.

The Crown

Credit: Netflix

While currently unreleased, Netflix’s next season of The Crown features scenes with Princess Diana (played by Emma Corrin) which were filmed in the Northern Quarter just this year. Stevenson Square and Dale Street were both transformed into NYC, all decked out with yellow cabs, Subway entrances and a whole lot of extras wearing outfits reminiscent of Diana’s time. The series is expected to be released late 2020/early 2021, so you might be able to spy some remnants of Manchester when you’re watching. See photos from the set here.


Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Currently slated for release this spring, Morbius is the latest Sony movie in the Spider-Man universe, starring Jared Leto as the titular character. Leto was in town for a couple of days, with Sony transforming the Northern Quarter into their very own New York set. Oldham Street and Stevenson Square were closed off for the occasion. Extras swarmed the streets and new shop fronts and details such as Subway stations were dotted here there and everywhere. The movie will follow Biochemist Michael Morbius as he tries to cure himself of a rare blood disease, however, when it all goes wrong, he finds himself infected with vampirism.


Credit: Company Pictures

So popular it ran for seven whole seasons, Shameless is not only filmed in Manchester but based here too. The series follows unemployed alcoholic Frank, who lives on the fictional Chatsworth Estate. Wenlock Way in West Gorton provided the backdrop for the series, with other filming locations including Miles Platting, where Shiela lived, and in-studio filming took place at The Pie Factory in Salford. The Jockey was set at real-life pub The Wellington Inn, which was demolished by the council a few years back as part of the West Gorton area’s regeneration.


Fresh Meat

Credit: Lime Pictures

Fresh Meat was a light-hearted comedy with a very recognisable cast, including Joe Thomas, Jack Whitehall and Zawe Ashton. The series is based around a group of students who attended the fictional Manchester Medlock University (loosely based on the University of Manchester) and was even filmed here too. The students lived in Rusholme in the series, however, most scenes were filmed at The Sharp Project. Some scenes were filmed on campus at Manchester Metropolitan University and its student’s union, while the exterior of the university was shot at the University of Manchester. Other locations include the King’s Arms in Salford, with the student house exterior being shot in Whalley Range.


Credit: E4

Teen hit Skins took the UK by storm during its six seasons on air, so much so, E4 commissioned an additional seventh season which followed three of the most popular characters from the previous seasons. Officially titled Skins Redux, the episodes that revisit Jack O’Connell’s Cook were shot in Manchester. The episodes followed Cook on the run in Manchester, with filming locations such as the Arndale, roads in Salford and Dale Street in the Northern Quarter.

24 Hour Party People

Credit: Revolution Films

But of course, Steve Coogan returned to the North West for 24 Hour Party People. Famous for his role as Alan Partridge, the Middleton-born actor filmed scenes at Whitworth Street West, Albion Street and the Ritz for the Factory Records biopic. The locations remain pretty faithful to The Hacienda club, showing viewers actual locations from the time. Other locations include Jubilee Street in Salford, Longsight, Birchin Warehouse in the NQ, Beehive Mill, Ancoats, Albion Works and Oxford Street. So yeah, lots of Manchester scenes to spot!

Spike Island

Credit: Bankside Films

A comedy about a group of musicians who want to attend Spike Island to see their favourite band (The Stone Roses), Spike Island was filmed across Greater Manchester and Cheshire. During one scene, the cast can be spotted doing a bit of shopping in Afflecks (which was transformed back to its 90s look), with other scenes featuring streets of Bolton and Widnes in Cheshire. Some scenes were reportedly filmed in Salford, too. The movie stars Elliott Tittensor and Emilia Clarke.

Stay Close

Credit: Netflix

New Netflix smash hit Stay Close used Manchester as the backdrop to a number of scenes, with Didsbury, in particular, providing the home to the series’ main protagonist, Megan. In addition to Didsbury, Heaton Moor can be spotted in a number of scenes, as well as popular city centre venues such as Impossible, The Refuge and The Edwardian.

[Featured image: Marvel Studios]

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