Here’s All Of The ‘Stay Close’ Filming Locations In And Around Manchester

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor

Here’s All Of The ‘Stay Close’ Filming Locations In And Around Manchester

A new Netflix obsession has manifested, this time, in the form of Harlan Coben mystery, Stay Close. Created by the same team that was behind the hit show The Stranger – also written by Coben – Stay Close has had mystery lovers absolutely gripped this month, and the best part? It was filmed right here in Manchester. Here are just some of the filming locations.


Stamford Street in Ashton-under-Lyne features in Stay Close, not only for scenes featuring the fictional Hannibal’s Animals pet shop, but also for scenes featuring The Feathers pub – which actually remains completely untouched.


Credit: Netflix

Didsbury Village is the location of the home used in the series for the character Megan, with much of her storyline taking place in the suburb.

Northern Quarter

During the chase scenes, watch out for any familiar backdrops that you may recognise from the Northern Quarter.

Heaton Moor

Credit: Netflix

Heaton Moor was used for a number of scenes, but most noticeably, for the scenes where Megan and Lorraine meet. The deli Pokusevski is used as the backdrop for that particular scene, with shots of the suburb in general used for other scenes, too.

The Dream statue, St. Helen’s

Credit: Photo © David Dixon (cc-by-sa/2.0)

St. Helen’s Dream sculpture is used as a meeting point in the series, and luckily for Mancs wanting to visit it, it’s just a 45-minute drive from the city. The statue is used as a substitute for “Lucy the Elephant”, which is the meeting point for the characters in the books.


Impossible Manchester

Credit: Netflix

The interior of Impossible can be spotted in the series, acting as the swanky interior for the club ‘Vipers’ – the exterior of which can actually be found in nearby Formby. The club was readily available to film in during lockdown, and those who have visited will likely recognise the stone-style bar.

The Refuge

Credit: Netflix

The interior of The Refuge was also utilised during lockdown, acting as the backdrop for Megan’s hen do. The scenes can be spotted during the first episode of the series.

The Edwardian

Another city centre venue was used during the first episode, too, with The Edwardian’s lobby playing the backdrop for Megan’s partner, David’s stag do.

Stoller Hall

The highly recognisable Stoller Hall can be easily spotted during the series, with the character Brian’s daughter practising the piano in the particular scene.

Arley Hall

The stunning Arley Hall, in Cheshire, acts as the beautiful backdrop of Megan and Dave’s wedding in the first episode, with the exterior, in particular shown.