‘The Crown’ Season 4 Was Filmed In Manchester And The Set Looks Amazing

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‘The Crown’ Season 4 Was Filmed In Manchester And The Set Looks Amazing

Manchester’s Northern Quarter was completely transformed into a mini New York back in February 2020, as Netflix filmed new scenes for The Crown.

Filming scenes for the upcoming season 4, actress Emma Corrin was in town for the occasion, stepping in front of the camera as Princess Diana during a famous trip to New York City. And now, after what feels like a lifetime of waiting – Netflix has revealed that the brand new episodes will debut soon – officially landing on November 15.

Mancs may be able to catch a glimpse of their city, too, as Stevenson Square was kitted out with some incredible props and set pieces, with NYC’s iconic yellow taxis taking over the square. The area was partially closed off as extras and cast members rolled onto set for the scenes.

The scenes in question will recreate Princess Diana’s 1989 solo visit to the Big Apple, where the Royal visited not-for-profit Henry Street Settlement and met with homeless mothers and children, as well as an AIDS patient at Harlem Hospital.

Police officers and street vendors can be seen on set, as well as passers-by styled in classic 80’s outfits and homeless pushing shopping trolleys filled with their belongings. The set on Stevenson Square replicates the Bronx, and was also switched up to replicate 23rd Street Station in Manhattan.

Season 4 will see Emma Corrin’s debut as the iconic Princess, with Netflix also confirming the season will feature Margaret Thatcher, played by Sex Education’s Gillian Anderson, for the very first time.

Photographers and Netflix fans flocked to the Manchester set over the weekend in February to see the action, resulting in some incredible photos across Instagram. The filming is not the first time the Northern Quarter has been transformed into the Big Apple, with Sony using the same area just last year for Jared Leto’s upcoming movie Morbius, and Dale Street providing the NYC backdrop for Marvel’s Captain America.

Season 4 is expected to see a time jump from the Queen’s Jubilee in 1977 up to the 1990’s and will feature the famous dispute between Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher over Apartheid in South Africa, as well as the Miner’s strikes, Charles and Diana’s wedding and the 1982 Falklands War.

Watch the full season from November 15. 

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