7 Of The Best Restaurants In Manchester If You’re Cheese Obsessed

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7 Of The Best Restaurants In Manchester If You’re Cheese Obsessed

Cheese, how do I love thee? Let me count the wheys…

What’s not to love about cheese? It’s delicious, nutritious (ish) and versatile. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best places, and ways, to enjoy cheese in Manchester.

1. Grilled at Northern Soul Grilled Cheese

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The UK’s first gourmet grilled cheese restaurant, serving pimped up grilled cheese sandwiches, mac ‘n’ cheese and shakes, all set to a soul soundtrack. With restaurants in the Northern Quarter and Piccadilly, your never far away from a tasty toasted sandwich so there’s always time to nip out for one while you’re at work. 10 Church St, M4 1PN and Manchester Piccadilly M1 2GH.

2. Melted at Bøck Bière Café

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The restaurant that brought us the Sunday roast fondue (where you dip everything in a massive vat of red wine gravy) also boasts an incredible pizza fondue. A cheesy marinara lava, into which you can dip dough waffles and all your favourite pizza toppings, including; pepperoni, chicken, halloumi, jalapeno, chorizo, mushrooms, pineapple. They also offer the classic fondue, a blend of four cheeses with steak and cured bockwurst or vegetarian sausages and Halloumi for dipping. 10 Tib Ln, M2 4JB.

3. With other cheese-lovers at Homage2Fromage

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Eat as much cheese as you like at Homage2Fromage’s brie-lliant workshops. The monthly events take place in venues across Manchester and each has a different theme cheddar, Irish, blue etc). Guests will be able to help themselves to as much of each cheese as they like, along with crackers, bread and chutney, fruit and all kinds of accompaniments. Click here for more information.

4. Toasted at Frankie’s Toasties

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Toasties are the ultimate convenience food, all you need is bread, cheese and fire and you’ve got yourself a tasty sandwich. Frankie’s Toasties, the UK’s first toastie restaurant, has opened in Manchester, offering ‘straight-up’ toasties with a selection of outrageously good fillings, including Nutella, Supernoodles, alphabet spaghetti and loads more. 98a Portland St, M1 4GX.

5. With chips and gravy at Koffee Pot

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Behold, the Manchester Poutine! Like cheesy chips and gravy but fancier. Available as a side or to share (ha!), it’s a heavenly plate full of beef dripping chips and Lancashire chips, drowned in sausage gravy. Delicious! 84-86 Oldham St, M4 1LE.

6. On a pizza at Rudy’s


Rudy’s promises a relaxed restaurant environment and delicious pizzas made by passionate pizzaiolos intent on following the traditions and artistry of pizza from Naples, which explains why their pizza is so damn good! The restaurant is walk-in only, so get there early to avoid disappointment.  9 Cotton St, M4 5BF. Petersfield House, Peter St, M2 5QJ

7. With a juicy burger at Brewski

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If there’s one place in town that screams cheesy, it’s North American-inspired joint Brewski. The menu is loaded with poutine, huge sharing boards, cheese boards and more – with the real star of the cheese show being their juicy chicken burger which comes with a hot plate of the melty good stuff to dip into. Mmm-mmm. Brewski, 58 W Mosley St, M2 3HZ

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