10 Reasons Why Manchester Reigns Supreme Over London

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

10 Reasons Why Manchester Reigns Supreme Over London

If you ask us, it’s the best city in the world.

There might be many cities to live in the UK, but not many come close to matching the Manc culture. Sure, we all have our unique quirks that make us who we are, but if any place has proven its really worth its salt, it’s Manchester. As the pioneers of the Northern Powerhouse, we’ve come a long, long way from our Industrial Revolution heritage – now, leading the pack as one of the UK’s finest cosmopolitan cities. Here are ten reasons why you should enjoy living in Manchester at some point in your life.

1. The Manc culture

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Manchester has a fantastic culture with a wealth of history that runs deep. From our iconic music culture that varies from Oasis to the Happy Mondays, to our architecture which ranges from the Gothic era to the art deco styles of the roaring ’20s – Manchester is no ordinary place, and if you look closely, you’ll be able to spot just how much beauty it actually holds.

2. It’s like London, but better (and cheaper!)

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Skyscrapers? Got ’em. Cool bars with urban decor? Got them, too. Great shopping? Check. Whatever London can do, we can do better. And if you’re thinking “well you don’t have the Queen”, you’re kind of wrong – because Queen Victoria sits peacefully in Piccadilly Gardens, albeit, alongside a bit of bird excrement, too. In terms of central renting, our prices completely trump London’s – with apartments available right in the city centre for half the price.

3. The diverse dining scene

Credit: Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

Whatever it is that you fancy, Manchester has it all – from vegan kebabs to Indian-inspired Sunday roasts. Yep, you read that right. Whether it’s a 2am ramen pit stop you’re after or a rustic-style brunch, you’ll never go without in our city.

4. The people and community

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Manchester is well-known for its friendly people, from the people that serve you in restaurants to those simply waiting for a bus next to you – it’s a frequent event to find someone willing to chat to you for no reason what’s so ever (a trait very difficult to find in some areas of the South!).

5. We have the best pizza in the UK

Credit: Rudy’s

Rudy’s has become quite the hotspot in the past few years thanks to its authentic Neapolitan pizza that gained itself title of not only tenth best pizza in the world, but best in the UK, too. And if that’s not good enough for tea, we don’t know what is.

6. Our independent hospitality scene is unlike any other

Credit: Sunset by Australasia

If there’s one city that does independents well, it’s Manchester. Our city isn’t completely dominated by the usual copy/paste chain brands that can be found in every town and city – but actually by a ton of local businesses that only exist right here in Manchester. The Northern Quarter is a fantastic example, glittered with restaurants, bars and shops all owned and run by Mancs themselves.

7. There’s something for everyone here

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Whether its clubs you prefer or live music, football or rugby, shopping or skiing – there’s something for everyone here in Manchester. Our city is incredibly diverse – be it culture, religion, hobbies and careers, we’re a mixed bag.

8. We’re home to some of the country’s biggest brands

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Career prospects in Manchester are great, with plenty of big brands and start-ups calling Manchester home. There’s careers in fashion, media, tech and marketing, as well as big brands such as Adidas, Kellogg’s, BBC and Missguided providing a great alternative to the London rat race. What more could you want?

9. The sport culture

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If there’s one thing Manchester is famous for – it’s football. The culture here is great, and while we have a little rivalry between our two main teams, Manchester United and Manchester City, it’s all friendly deep down. The liveliness of a Derby Day is absolutely unbeatable and if one thing’s for sure, football brings Manc communities together at the very best of times.

10. We’re the gateway to some of Britain’s finest beauty spots

We might well be landlocked, but at least we’re surrounded by beauty. From nearby Saddleworth to the glorious Peak District – there’s plenty to explore right on our doorstep. And if you live on the East side of the city, you might even be treated to views of the Pennines.

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