10 Reasons That Manchester Is The Best City In The World

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

10 Reasons That Manchester Is The Best City In The World

In dark times, let’s all remind ourselves why us Mancunians are simply the best.

1. The people are resilient

Us Mancs are tested on a regular basis. We’re faced with dull, grey, rainy weather – and we put up with it with a big grin on our face. Not much phases us at all, it’s all part of our Northern charm, after all. If that wasn’t enough, our community spirit is unbreakable. We stand together in the darkest of times – through the Manchester bombing we united, and we continue to now during the pandemic. There’s nothing more heartwarming than to see communities coming together to help those in need in difficult situations, and we couldn’t be prouder to see the fit and healthy offer themselves up to collect groceries for those in need, as well as continue to provide for each other.

2. Gregg’s

Credit: Greggs

Ok, so Gregg’s might be closed right now, and it might not be Mancunian. But need we say more? We absolutely love a good Gregg’s, and Manchester is full of ’em. Turn any corner and you’re sure to find that warm, blue safe haven. It’s part of our culture these days, and I’d take a flaky pastry over a cheeseburger any day of the week. Let’s not catch up over a coffee, we’ll take a cuppa tea and a sausage roll, please.

3. We know a good pint when we see one

If there’s one thing we know, it’s a good pint. Manchester is home to a number of great breweries, including Seven Brothers, Beatnikz Republic, Alphabet Brewing Co., Cloudwater Brew Co. and Shindigger Brewing Co. Not only that, but the city also houses some incredible beer houses, such as Seven Brothers very own beerhouses, Port Street Beer House and so many more. Just a short walk through the Northern Quarter and you’ll uncover a variety of bars and pubs that stock independent brews just waiting for you to try ’em.

4. We have the best football culture

Credit: Unsplash

We may feud on the pitch, but Manchester is home to amazing football culture. We’re passionate about the sport and whether we’re red or blue, and we love a little bit of competition. The atmosphere on a Derby Day is truly something else, with the whole city bustling for the occasion with pints in hand (if fans aren’t at the stadium cheering on their team, that is!). While the rivalry may be rife, we do put this aside in times of need, with Manchester United and Manchester City recently coming together during the pandemic.

5. We make history and we’re extremely talented

If Manchester is anything, it’s pretty historical. We have an entire industrial heritage to unravel that’ll take you back to the 19th century “Cottonopolis” days, where the city was known for its sheer amount of cotton mills. Manchester was incredibly important during the industrial revolution, too, and is still recognised for its significance to this day. If that wasn’t enough, the city is also the birthplace of a number of iconic bands, such as Oasis, the Bee Gees, Joy Division and New Order… To name just a handful of talent. Not to mention the Factory Records and Madchester days. We really could go on!

6. It’s a great place for business

Credit: Rudy’s

Not only have we produced some incredibly talented musicians, but also some seriously tasty grub, too. Manchester is home to the Vimto factory, Kellogg’s and Warbuton’s, and we’re also guilty of producing the best pizza in the UK (10th in the world!). The city is bursting with fantastic independent businesses, many of which go on to take the nation by storm, such as Rudy’s and Almost Famous. additionally, we pretty much invented fast-fashion – with huge global businesses such as Missguided, Boohoo and PrettyLittleThing all born and based here.

7. We’re a friendly bunch

Mancunians may be known for many things, but one of the things we’re most proud of is our friendly reputation. Just a couple of hours south and you’ll probably be greeted with, well, nothing… But here in good old Mancunia, you’re guaranteed an ‘Iya, love!’ with a nod, and if you’re really lucky, maybe a backstory about said person’s grandma and why they’re at the bus stop today.

8. Our nightlife is next level

Manchester is a bloody good night out, and that’s coming from a self-confessed hermit. There’s only one thing that can persuade me personally, and that’s a night out around the Northern Quarter at some our laid-back, exposed brick bearing bars. There’s a little something for everyone, with cool and casual bars playing jazz, blues, indie music and whatever else in the Northern Quarter, extra special cocktail bars in Spinningfields and a ton of places to dance at the end of Deansgate. If there’s one place that can unite us all though, it’s Albert’s Schloss.

9. The sights are wonderful

Credit: Unsplash

There’s so much on our doorstep here in Manchester, and you can even see some of it from our windows, depending on where you live. The Peak District and Pennines are within arms reach for us, giving beautiful sites of nature for miles and miles. We might look a little grey from the inside, but on the outside, there’s so much beauty to explore!

10. Magic is made here

And by magic, we mean Corrie. MediaCityUK houses a number of huge production companies and networks such as ITV and BBC, with Coronation Street, The Voice, Red Dwarf, The Royale Family, Shameless and so much more filmed right here in Greater Manchester. The best part? The businesses employ hundreds of talented locals, so you can rest assured many of your favourite shows were crafted by the hands of Northern saints. A whole host of Hollywood productions have also set up camp here for filming, such as Captain America and upcoming Sony movie, Morbius. We’re just so Hollywood, darling, what can we say?