10 Of The Weirdest And Most Wonderful Burgers To Try In Manchester

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10 Of The Weirdest And Most Wonderful Burgers To Try In Manchester

These are not your average burgers.

Sometimes, a burger calls for a little something more than just a hunk of meat in a bread bun. And when I say ‘something more’, I mean ingredients that typically have no business being in a burger, but somehow find themselves infiltrating the traditional American dish to create something that’s quite frankly, deliciously bonkers. Which is exactly the approach these Manchester restaurants have taken. From bright green CBD burgers to those topped with doughnuts and peanut butter, here’s our guide to the most unique burgers in the city.

1. The 420 Burga at BrickHouse Social

Credit: Icon Burgers/The Burger Reviews

Dubbed the UK’s ‘first-ever CBD burger’, Icon Burgers offers a pretty unique concoction on their burger menu. Sandwiched in a bright green bun and basted in CBD, the juicy, double ‘420 Burga’ is quite the treat, even lashed in its very own CBD-infused special sauce. But the best part? It’s available at the lovely BrickHouse Social – which is even home to its very own sun-dappled roof terrace. Icon Burgers @ BrickHouse Social, 11-13 New Wakefield St, M1 5NP.

2. PB & Double J at Fat Hippo

Credit: Fat Hippo

New in town taking up residence at Lane7 at the Great Northern Warehouse, Fat Hippo has a pretty epic burger offering – including their drool-worthy PB & Double J. Consisting of two patties and melty American cheese, the burger is finished off with a dollop of crunchy peanut butter, before being finished off with bacon jam and smoked chilli jello. It’s an oddly satisfying combo, to say the least. Find it at Fat Hippo, Lane7, Unit 3, 235 Deansgate, M3 4EN.

3. Waffle Burger at Fress

Credit: Fress

Fress offers a pretty fun spin on the classic burger, swapping out the bun for two chunky waffles. Not only that, but in addition to your typical beef patties, the burger also boasts a good old hunk of buttermilk chicken, as well as crispy bacon and a lathering of yummy Fress gravy. It’s kinda like KFC-meets-Maccy’s breakfast – but obviously, way more gourmet. Fress, 62 Oldham St, M4 1LE.

4. The Homer Burger at That Burger Place

Credit: That Burger Place

This is probably one of the more eyebrow-raising creations of the bunch, but stay with me here. It’s kinda genius really, having your dessert and main at the same time, and while you might be reluctant to go for it because of its sweet and savoury hybrid approach, it actually emulates those nostalgic fairground flavours from our childhood. Trust us when we say, it really works. Consisting of two beef patties, cheese, bacon, and special IHOP sauce, the burger is sandwiched between two classic glazed Krispy Kreme donuts, resulting in one of the weirdest, yet most wonderful flavour sensations in the city. The special burger is available on weekends at Hatch only. That Burger Place, Hatch, 103 Oxford Rd, M1 7ED.

5. Massive Cock at Yard & Coop

Credit: Yard & Coop

Yard & Coop’s Massive Cock burger has long reigned one of the coolest burgers in town, which is exactly why it’s still on the menu to this day. Now, it’s not for the faint of heart due to its size, but, for the strong-stomached among us, you can get stuck into 12 inches of double-stacked buttermilk chicken, cauli fritters, crispy pulled chicken pancake, hot honey, butter buffalo, creamy garlic ranch and cheese sauce – finished off with American cheese, bacon, luxe slaw and our Garlic Ranch Cheese balls. Phew. Get it at Yard & Coop, 37 Edge St, M4 1HW.

6. Phoenix Burger at Almost Famous

Credit: Almost Famous

Almost Famous has long been known for their crazy creations, but the Phoenix burger has to be our favourite. Consisting of their moreish double patties and melty cheese, the burger is topped with bacon, shoestring onions, red chillis, redneck BBQ, bacon mayo and bacon ketchup, before being finished off with Frazzles. Yep, you read that right. This burger includes your favourite school snacks, and they’re absolutely perfect on top of a juicy burger. Try it at both Manchester venues. Almost Famous, 100-102 High St, M4 1HP | Unit 2, Great Northern, Peter St, M3 4EN.

7. PBJD at Solita

Credit: Solita

It’s peanut butter jelly time! Another of Manchester’s innovative burger spots, Solita has created the PBJD – a savoury-dessert hybrid that weirdly works. Made up of 8oz of the restaurant’s signature Wagyu beef, the burger is topped with crunchy peanut butter, classic burger cheese and bacon, with a sugar jam donut resting on top to chase that beefy goodness with. It’s definitely not your average burger, but it’s still well worth a try if you’re in the mood for something a little different. Solita, Turner St, M4 1DW.

8. Pinger Burger at Plant Grill

Credit: Plant Grill

A tasty new addition at Escape to Freight Island, Plant Grill has brought the goods for this particular burger, sacking off your conventional vegan recipe for something pretty special. Made with a panko tofu patty, the burger is finished off with kimchi, ‘Pinger’ mayo, cavolo and carrot, alfalfa and radish – paying homage to Asian flavours with a fully plant-based twist. Plant Grill, 11 Baring St, M1 2PZ.

9. Chicken Tikka Burger at Tikka Chance On Me

Credit: Tikka Chance On Me

Can’t decide between a burger and a curry? Tikka Chance On Me has got your back. Popping up at GRUB MCR on a regular basis, Michael Anderson – the man behind the street foodie spot – has created some epic burgers, including the Chicken Tikka burger. The burger is packed with grilled chicken tikka thigh, mango chutney, and mint yoghurt sauce, sandwiched within a soft, pretzel-style burger bun that ends up soaking up a lot of the saucy goodness. Keep up with where Tikka Chance On Me is popping up next here. 

10. Anything at Dunkin’ Burgers

Credit: Dunkin’ Burgers

In true Northern style, Dunkin’ Burgers serves their burgers with a delicious pot of gravy. Which might seem bizarre to some, but for us, gravy goes with anything. The brilliant madness doesn’t stop there, either, with burgers topped with peanut butter, sausages and eggs, jerk chicken and reggae sauce and even Mediterranean salad. Dipped in gravy. Obvs. Dunkin’ Burgers, Arndale Market, 49 High St, M4 3AH.

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