Castlefield Has Been Completely Transformed For The New Series Of ‘Peaky Blinders’

By Laura Rogan

Castlefield has been looking a little different lately.

As production crews begin to grace our city again following various shutdowns due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Peaky Blinders have been spotted in town – and with it, our city has undergone a bit of a makeover. Resembling an early-1900’s Birmingham, Castlefield has been completely transformed – with market-style props, trader signs, sacks and more dotted around the set.

Credit: alfie_solomons_official

Manchester provides the perfect backdrop for it, too, thanks to our industrial setting around the canal areas, wide-use of red brick and gorgeous, old-fashioned bridge arches that still remain today. Construction for the series six sets began just a couple of weeks ago, with passersby spotting the changes (and security gates which have recently popped up!) over the weeks. Filming is expected to begin sometime next week. The cast (including Cillian Murphy) were spied filming outside The Plaza, Stockport and Formby Beach this month.


The production joins ITV and Netflix, who have both been spotted filming in Manchester over the past year for hit shows such as The Crown, The Stranger and the upcoming Viewpoint, which stars Noel Clarke.

Check out photos of the set below:

Credit: alfie_solomons_official 
Credit: alfie_solomons_official
The cast was also spotted filming in Stockport recently | Credit: alfie_solomons_official 
Credit: alfie_solomons_official 
Credit: alfie_solomons_official 

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