Sheridan Smith To Star In ‘Gripping’ Manchester-Made Drama From The Team Behind ‘The Stranger’

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Sheridan Smith To Star In ‘Gripping’ Manchester-Made Drama From The Team Behind ‘The Stranger’

Manchester is continuing to dominate the TV scene.

Acclaimed Northern actress Sheridan Smith has been cast in upcoming ITV drama No Return, with Manchester-based executive producers at the helm of the project. Following the huge success of Manchester-born writer Danny Brocklehurst’s previous projects – such as Brassic, Shameless, The Stranger and Safe – ITV has officially commissioned his brand new drama, and it’s said to be absolutely ‘gripping’.

The new four-part series will follow a family while on their idyllic holiday to Turkey, which soon turns into a living nightmare for Kathy (Sheridan Smith) when she and her husband Martin are left fighting for their teenage son, Noah’s, freedom after he’s accused of a serious crime.

The team previously worked together on hit Netflix show ‘The Stranger’ | Credit: Netflix

The newly released synopsis reads: “Looking forward to an all-inclusive luxury break to enjoy the sun and sea with the family, Kathy and Martin, their son Noah and younger daughter Jess are blissfully unaware of the horrific ordeal about to unfold.

“The holiday is a chance to unwind and for Kathy and Martin to spend some much-needed family time. Until unsuspecting Noah accepts a seemingly innocent invitation to a beach party from a fellow holidaymaker, Rosie, who is staying at the same hotel, and Kathy and Martin’s world spectacularly falls apart.

“An arrest, an expensive and alien legal system, looming media coverage and resistance from fellow holidaymakers to come to their aid leaves the distraught parents fighting for Noah’s freedom when ironically he should be at school sitting his latest exams.”

The writer also penned hit drama ‘Safe’ | Credit: Netflix

Speaking of the upcoming project, lead actress Sheridan Smith said: “I’m such a big fan of Danny Brocklehurst and Red Production, they make incredible dramas. I was thrilled to be asked to play Kathy in this exciting production and to be at ITV again. Can’t wait to start filming on this thrilling, complex story about family finding their way through a terrifying situation.”

Manchester-based executive producers Nicola Shindler and Richard Fee (who both worked on The Stranger and Safe) will be working on the project, as well as director John Alexander.

Manchester writer Danny Brocklehurst commented: “No Return is truly a passion project for me. It’s the story of a family caught in a modern nightmare but it allows us to explore themes of parenthood, justice, addiction and consent. I am delighted to be working with the amazing Sheridan Smith and once again partnering with ITV, and the brilliant Nicola Shindler…”

The series will begin filming during the summer of 2021, with no current indication as to when it will premiere on ITV.

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