11 Charming Photos Of Manchester Looking Just Like New York City

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

11 Charming Photos Of Manchester Looking Just Like New York City

Manchester is like a mini NYC…

There’s a reason filmmakers flock to our city year on year, and it’s not to try Rudy’s Pizza (although, it should be). Twinning with grand, art deco-era architecture and charming nods to the past, Manchester and New York have a lot in common – although, we’re a little bit biased when it comes to choosing which city we think comes out on top. Read on to see some fantastic photos that show how uncanny the city’s resemblance is to our own…

1. That feeling of being ant-like among the huge skyscrapers

2. Manchester’s very own amber Flat Iron?

3. Manchester’s China Town or NYC?

4. Our backstreets share something in common

5. Could Oxford Road be a real NYC subway station? We think so…

6. Just like Manchester, NYC boasts gorgeous art deco architecture

7. And those famous fire escapes, of course

8. Bright lights in the big city…

9. Brooklyn street art or the NQ?

10. It’s not quite Central Park, but it’ll do!

11. If you squint, it’s kinda like the skyline from over Central Park…


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