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Seven Sensational Things To Do In Manchester When It’s Raining

By Laura O'Neill May 6, 2019

Make the most of Manchester in the rain.

The sun may be shining today, but any Manc – born or adopted- knows the rain is never far away. So if you’ve lured your mates over with the promise of fun in the city in the sun, only to have your plans scuppered by the pesky weather, fear not! We’ve got you covered with a host of rainy day-friendly activities.

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1 – 2. Tackle An Escape Room

Clue HQ – Detonation Escape Room

At this explosive escape room, you and your detective team will have to solve the case of Danny Badd or there’ll be serious consequences… Badd has been wanted for seven years and is a known criminal all over Europe. And after a year of gathering information, 24-hour surveillance, and even capturing Badd’s brother, you’ve finally got on his location. You’re going in, but not without a plan. Badd is notorious for blowing up anyone who attempts to track him down so watch your step…
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Breakout offers a number of themed-rooms including Harry Potter fan favourite Enchanted, which begins in the Wizarding section of the local library, where you find a mysterious book. As you start to thumb through it you are transported to an enchanted forest, filled with a host of weird and wonderful creatures, where you stumble upon a house made of gingerbread and sweets that definitely isn’t a trap.

Should you enter the house or stay away? Will your sweet tooth get the better of you? Can you escape the trap laid out for you, before whatever set it returns to eat you? Find out for yourself. Book your escape room here.

3. Take On The Crystal Maze

Photo: thecrystalmaze

The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is the oh-so-popular 90s TV show brought to immersive, 3D life. It’s the ultimate team challenge made up of a frantic, interactive and jolly silly series of mental and physical challenges.

Teams will put their skills to the test as they go against the clock to solve mysteries and overcome challenges based in four adventure zones – Medieval, Industrial, Aztec and Futuristic. The more challenges the team completes successfully, the more Crystals they win and the more time they’ll get to catch tokens in the iconic Crystal Dome. Book your tickets here.

4. Get Lost In Virtual Hideout

Virtual Hideout is a VR and gaming hub that gives gamers the chance to experience room-scale virtual reality and gaming, whether it be alone or in a group. There are varying levels of difficulty and there will always be someone with you to guide you and help you. Come along and experience the virtual stuff that dreams are made of. Book your session here.

5. Go Axe Throwing At Whistle Punks

Photo: whistlepunks

Perfect for a mates date or work outing, axe throwing is the immensely satisfying and surprisingly social activity that gives you the chance to embrace your inner Viking.

Experienced throwing instructors will get you throwing like a pro in no time. Then once you’ve got the hang of it they’ll take you and your group through a tournament until the king or queen of axes is crowned. Book your session here.

6. Go To The Pictures

Photo: IMDB

Some hotly-rated movies are ready to land in Manchester cinemas this month. With a cast full of stars, the next stage of the Marvel saga, Avengers: Endgame is in cinemas now, along with American superhero film Shazam! based on the DC Comics character of the same name. As well as Hellboy, which is based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola. Get your tickets here.

7. Play Some Retro Arcade Games

Photo: NQ64

NQ64, based in Short Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, is home to an underground drinking den where guests can play retro arcade games and classic consoles from their youth while enjoying the beverages of their adulthood. Click here for more information.

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