20 Manchester Restaurants Still Offering Lockdown Food Delivery This Month

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20 Manchester Restaurants Still Offering Lockdown Food Delivery This Month

Support your faves from home.

While the second national lockdown is a massive blow to the hospitality industry, there are ways that we can keep some bars and restaurants afloat during this challenging time. And luckily for us, the easiest way involves eating some of our favourite foods. Easy.

Though many of our favourite spots in the city remained closed throughout the first lockdown this year, many have now adapted to the ‘new normal’, and this time, they’re offering up home delivery, kits and more so we can get a taste of the good stuff from the comfort of our own homes. Here’s 2o of the best…

1. Northern Soul

Credit: Northern Soul

Northern Soul quickly created their cheesy lockdown kits last time around, and they’ll be sticking around this time, too. Serving their Manc-fave grilled cheese sandwiches through Deliveroo over the next month, those living in the city centre catchment area will still be able to get their fix. And for everyone else, you can order a G.I.Y. Grill-It-Yourself kit directly to your door anytime if you live within the M60.

2. Rudy’s

Credit: Rudy’s

Closing for dine-in only, those lucky enough to live nearby one of Rudy’s two Manchester restaurants will be able to take advantage of their Neapolitan pizza via Deliveroo – with Sale opening at the end of the month for delivery, too. For those not living in town, you can experience Rudy’s at home with their ‘Bake at Home‘ pizzas, which are half-baked ready for you to finish off in your own oven.

3. Dishoom

Credit: Dishoom

Making their famous Indian cuisine available on Deliveroo for the first time ever recently, Dishoom is available to order freshly cooked for home delivery if you live within the Deliveroo catchment area – however, their famous bacon Naan rolls can be ordered as part of a DIY kit for those living a little further afield.

4. Almost Famous

Credit: Almost Famous

Almost Famous’ famous burgers are available to order for home delivery, with click and collect available for those who’d prefer to pop down, too. Their typical menu is available to enjoy during this lockdown period, sides and all, with click and collect available at all restaurants.

5. Gooey

Credit: Gooey Co.

Popular sweet spot Gooey is staying open for lockdown, but not only that, they’ll be continuing their delivery service, too. Pre-orders can be made for collection from Ducie Street Warehouse, or if you’d rather the convenience of having them sent directly to your door – you can order them on Deliveroo (catchment area only) or direct with the bakery, with the majority of Greater Manchester qualifying for delivery.

6. Biff’s

Credit: Biff’s

Newcomer to Manchester’s vegan scene Biff’s will be continuing to deliver within the city centre catchment area throughout lockdown, with their tasty jackfruit burgers and wings available to order via Deliveroo. If you haven’t tried them already, they’ve received huge praise from our Editor-in-Chief – who even went full-blown vegan after discovering their food.

7. DD’s Burgers

Credit: DD’s Burgers

DD’s Burgers have been a huge saviour since the pandemic shut down the UK – teaming up with The Koffee Pot to create the ultimate DIY burger kits. They were absolutely perfect over the summer when BBQs were literally the only thing to do – and they’re just as perfect now as we turn to warm and comforting grub to get us through these colder days. The kits can be ordered direct with The Koffee Pot (along with full English kits, too!) – and include all the trimmings you’ll need to create a restaurant-worthy burger.

8. Proove

Credit: Proove Pizza

Working hard this year to give pizza to the people through home delivery, Proove Pizza is still serving up their doughy goodness through Deliveroo around the West Didsbury catchment area.

9. Ezra & Gil

Credit: Ezra & Gil

Adapting to the pandemic with a new delivery service, Ezra & Gil is offering their all-day brunch menu, cakes, smoothies and more for home delivery – with the full menu available to order on Deliveroo now. Not only that, but they’ll also be open for collections, too, so you’ll be able to get your Ezra coffee fix throughout the month.

10. The Old School BBQ Bus

Credit: Old School BBQ Bus

Re-opening just last week, the Old School BBQ Bus will be staying open this month – creating their own delivery service to keep their staff on-board throughout the lockdown. Locals can take advantage of takeaways and a delivery service – both of which are currently in the works and due to launch soon.

11. Porky Pig

Credit: Porky Pig

Usually the star of the Manchester Christmas Markets, Porky Pig will be available to enjoy from the comfort of your home this year, with their own delivery service up to 10 miles out of Manchester city centre. There’s an exciting new menu to enjoy, too, with Yorkshire pudding everything in store for fans this winter.

12. Don Giovanni

Credit: Don Giovanni

Serving home-style Italian food throughout lockdown, customers can both collect and order for delivery with Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo (within the catchment area), with a huge menu of Italian classics to enjoy this month. If that wasn’t all, you can also take advantage of their Don’s At Home kits, too.

13. My Thai

Credit: My Thai

Continuing to offer home-style Thai food via home delivery this lockdown, Thai food fans can enjoy My Thai’s usual offering, including curries, Pad Thai and all the sides when ordering through Deliveroo.

14. BrewDog Outpost Manchester

Credit: BrewDog

BrewDog will continue to offer up food and beer deliveries this lockdown, with a selection of wings and burgers available via Deliveroo. They also have an online collection service for those who’d rather swing buy to pick up.

15. Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Credit: Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Remaining open for both takeaway and delivery, Rosa’s Thai Cafe will be serving their usual, warming menu via Deliveroo – including noodles, curries, snacks, soups and more. Deliveries can be made in the city centre catchment area, or food can be collected from the restaurant.

16. Nell’s Pizza

Credit: Common/Nell’s Pizza

Nell’s Pizza has officially joined Deliveroo, serving 14-inch pizzas, garlic bread, dips and beverages. For everything else, Common is offering a click and collect service – so you can enjoy their usual giant 22″ inch pizzas if you’re lucky enough to be in the local area.

17. Federal

Credit: Federal

Joining Deliveroo and serving all-day brunch for those who can’t live without their avo on toast, Federal is open for both collection and delivery orders – including takeaway coffee. There’s breakfast, brunch, sandwiches and bagels, all of which can be picked up from the venue or delivered to homes within the city centre catchment area.

18. Crazy Pedro’s

Credit: Crazy Pedro’s

Crazy Pedro’s NQ is available to order from all this lockdown, with 14″ pizzas on Deliveroo. Choose from the usual faves such as the Mac Daddy, the Wacko Jacko, and their World Famous Hotdog pizza, along with a number of other combos, a vegan special and beers to try, too.

19. VNAM

Credit: Vnam

Now available on both Uber Eats and Deliveroo, fans of Vietnamese grub can enjoy Vnam’s much loved hearty menu at home. Including sharing platters and classic dishes such as noodle soup, along with a number of seafood specials, their huge menu is well worth a try while we’re stuck at home.

20. Blue Eyed Panda

Credit: Blue Eyed Panda

Continuing to offer up their takeaway menu for the following month, Blue Eyed Panda is available to order via Deliveroo – with a huge menu to choose from which includes Szechuan dishes, Cantonese stir frys, Dim Sum and a number of noodle dishes.

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