Dishoom Is Launching Bacon Naan Kits For You To Create The Cult Breakfast At Home

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Dishoom Is Launching Bacon Naan Kits For You To Create The Cult Breakfast At Home

The bacon naan rolls are a god-tier Manchester breakfast.

Few breakfasts inspire the same reverence as Dishoom’s bacon naan roll, unless it is the full English breakfast itself. By virtue of being available in only a handful of places – and usually with an eye-watering queue lying between you and it – the bacon naan roll has acquired almost mythic significance in the breakfast scene (especially since they doubled up on it last year), and it’s one of the many pleasures we’ve been denied during the lockdown. That’s about to change, however, as Dishoom will, for the first-time, equip you with the knowledge and the ingredients to make them at home! (Featured image: @dishoom)

Credit: Dishoom

Not only is it the first time the bacon naan rolls are heading outside of the restaurant, but it’s also Dishoom’s first-ever at-home cookery kit, which makes this Kind Of A Big Deal. From today (June 26), you’ll be able to order the kit to your door, with enough ingredients to make two bacon naan rolls. Each kit contains three naan doughballs (the spare is there for “experimentation”, Dishoom says), smoked streaky bacon from Ramsay of Carluke, Dishoom’s signature tomato-chilli jam, cream cheese, and fresh coriander. They also include loose leaf Darjeeling tea and chai spices to create the restaurant’s addictive Masala Chai – because honestly, what’s breakfast without tea?


Nervous cooks can rest assured that full instructions are included, and there’s an online video that’ll be able to walk you through each step. Better still, Dishoom will celebrate every bacon naan roll kit bought by donating a meal to their long-term charity partner, Magic Breakfast, who provide nutritious meals to kids who might otherwise go hungry. Initially available in London only, the kits have now expanded to nationwide delivery, meaning us Mancs can finally get in on the action. They’ll cost £16, and you can order them here with a nominated day delivery option.

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