Get A Taste Of Your Favourite Manchester Restaurants With These Brilliant Cookbooks

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor

Get A Taste Of Your Favourite Manchester Restaurants With These Brilliant Cookbooks

Bring your favourite restaurants to you with these delicious recipe books.

Beans on toast getting a little mundane? There’s no denying that lockdown has been pretty rough on all of us so far, particularly when you remember our favourite bars and restaurants are closed for the foreseeable, and we’re left to fend for ourselves with very limited cooking skills (ok, I’m speaking for myself there). To ease the pain of loved meals lost, we’ve rounded up some of the best recipe books by Manchester restaurants.

Mowgli Street Food: Stories and Recipes from the Mowgli Street Food Restaurants by Nisha Katona

Known for their authentic homemade Indian grub and inspired by the meals that the people of India actually eat at home, Mowgli Street Food founder Nisha Katona shares the healthy, flavourful recipes of the much-loved restaurant – with tasty dishes such as tiffin, curries and much more inside to replicate. Each dish is relatively simple and you’re sure to find your favourite menu item tucked away in the book. From their iconic Chip Butty, to drool-worthy Butter Chicken, the Mowgli cookbook is sure to hit the spot if you’re craving a taste of India.

At Home With Simon Wood: Fine Dining Made Simple by Simon Wood

Masterchef winner and founder of Manchester’s WOOD restaurant, fine dining pro Simon Wood has shared his skills with us in his book At Home With Simon Wood. Perfect for a date night during lockdown, Wood shares some of his finest signature recipes for you to recreate at home, selecting less-daunting concoctions for enthusiastic chefs to throw up something up that’s much more special than our go-to bowl of pasta. Put on your best clothes and have a fancy night in – there’s nowhere else to go, after all.

The Manchester Cook Book by Kate Eddison

A great one for those who fancy a bit of everything, The Manchester Cook Book has collated recipes from across the city, featuring a whole host of restaurants throughout – including Zouk’s and Salvi’s. Some of our favourite local restaurants have contributed their much-loved recipes for us to enjoy at home – and if that wasn’t enough, the book even has a sequel called The Manchester Cook Book: Second Helpings. While the first book features restaurants we have now lost, such as Manchester House, the second is more up to date, with vendors from Hatch and Manc-fave spots such as The Creameries and Real Junk Food contributing.

Dishoom: From Bombay With Love by Kavi Thakrar, Naved Nasir & Shamil Thakrar


A huge hit in both Manchester and London, Dishoom serves experimental dishes inspired by Irani cafes in Bombay. With incredible contemporary twists in many of their dishes, it’s easy to see why they have such a growing fan base – and luckily for said fans, the restaurant has their very own cookbook so you can get your fix while restaurants across the country are closed. Described as a ‘love letter to Bombay’, the book features staples from their menu, including their iconic Bacon Naan rolls and Chicken Ruby Murray. Comfort food at its finest.

Hawksmoor at Home by Huw Gott, Richard Turner & Will Beckett

Originally founded in London’s Spitalfields, Hawksmoor knows good steak, and they’re sharing their knowledge with us in their book Hawksmoor at Home. As our evenings are filled with frozen Bird’s Eye chicken fillets, rather than the restaurant’s deliciously luxurious meats, we’re pretty relieved at the idea of recreating the good stuff in our own kitchens. The book is every beef lover’s dream, with over 100 meaty recipes from burgers, to the full-blown Sunday roast. Not only that, but there’s also an entire section for seafood, too, the perfect opportunity to get a little creative with things you already have in your fridge and freezer.

The Ivy Now by Fernando Peire

Fairly new on the Manchester scene, The Ivy is well-known for its lavish brasserie dishes that make eating out that little bit more special. Not only does The Ivy Now document the popular restaurant’s success over the years, but it also includes the secrets to their dishes and classic recipes, including signature faves lifted right from the pages of their menus. From pies to salads, to chicken dishes, The Ivy Now is guaranteed to teach you a trick or two in the kitchen that’ll pimp up your dinner game.

[Featured image: Salvi’s]