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Rudy’s Pizza Has Made Its ‘Bake At Home’ Range Available For Nationwide Delivery Permanently

By Laura Rogan

Bake at home is here to stay!

Following the major success of Rudy’s ‘Bake At Home’ range, a range created during lockdown to allow Mancs (and beyond) to enjoy the ‘best pizza in the UK’, the team behind the cult-fave pizzeria have decided to make it a permanent offering, announcing to fans that the genius range is here to stay.

Providing deliciously doughy Neapolitan pizza in the comfort of our own homes, the home delivery range offers up a number of classic options – including the Calabrese, Margherita Con Bufala, Portobello, the Carni and a vegan special – which are all available to warm up at home to replicate their in-restaurant flavours.

Each pizza is created the Naples way, with dough made fresh daily using Caputo 00 flour, which has been left to ferment for at least 24 hours. Ingredients are also imported from Naples twice weekly, so you can rest assured your Italian feast is as authentic as they come.


The 13-inch pizzas come with cooking instructions so that you can heat them up from home, with each costing just £6.90.

The popular pizzeria came up with a number of solutions to help fans get their pizza fix following the UK lockdown, including launching on Deliveroo for the first time ever, a service still available to take advantage of now.