The New Manchester Bakery Making Doughnuts That Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

The New Manchester Bakery Making Doughnuts That Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat

The prettiest doughnuts I ever did see.

Just like with any trend, it seems we’ve gone through the notions of dessert evolution. We’ve witnessed the creation of cronuts, freakshakes and the frozen cheesecake, but now, it seems our tastebuds are longing for the classics. First, it was the fresh New York-style take on the chocolate chip cookie, then, the creamy French √©clair. Now, it’s the very welcomed resurgence of the doughnut.

Transforming the classic American sweet into works of art, D G H N T is the new home of artisan brioche doughnuts in Manchester, whipping up a variety of fresh, tasty creations with seasonal flavours in mind.

Starting life in lockdown, the concept was created after the owner’s friend announced her craving for doughnuts – a craving which, of course, turned into something beautiful. Taking furlough by the horns and making the most of newfound free-time, DGHNT began to blossom, with the owner falling in love with the whole creation process.

Mancs can expect unique flavours combos that level up the treat from the typical Kinder Bueno treats that have saturated the market, with beautiful finishings making the doughnuts almost too good to eat.

Changing every two weeks, the menu packs a real punch every single time it’s refreshed – with ‘vibrant, in your face flavours’ such as lemon poppyseed, vanilla fig, dark chocolate sumac, baklava, and even a raspberry pistachio pavlova.

Orders can be made direct through Instagram here, or you can find DGHNT at Corner Slice on Fridays and Saturdays.

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