The NYC-Style Cookie And Donut Spot That Gained Cult Status In Just A Matter Of Months

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The NYC-Style Cookie And Donut Spot That Gained Cult Status In Just A Matter Of Months

Gooey has become an institution.

Popping up in the Northern Quarter just before the pandemic hit, Gooey had just a matter of weeks to make a name for itself. But make a name for itself it did, with sell-out days becoming the norm for the bakery after only one day.

Serving up tasty, New-York inspired treats with soft fillings, it’s easy to see where they got their name from – with warm and gooey cookies and sugar doughnuts stuffed with a variety of fillings making up the delectable menu. Made fresh daily, guests can enjoy a number of classics that are available from day to day, with plenty of crowd-pleasers to try out whenever you fancy a little bit of a sugar hit.

Credit: Gooey Co.

Ranging from traditional doughnut fillings such as raspberry jam, chocolate custard and vanilla custard, as well as cookies such as double chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate – there’s a little something for everyone, alongside constantly revolving specials that get more and more creative as time goes on. If that wasn’t all, the cult-favourite bakery has also introduced a range of soft-serve ice creams, too, with flavours so far including cereal milk, popcorn and pistachio.

The brainchild of Jake Ansbro and Patrick Brown of EATMCR and Sax Arshad of The Zanna Group, with former PBK and Takk chef Lewis Loughman behind the delicious bakery treats, Gooey is the perfect taste of the Big Apple, conveniently located in Manchester’s very own mini-NYC, the Northern Quarter.

Credit: Gooey Co.

In addition to their Ducie Street Warehouse kiosk, Gooey rapidly expanded just a number of months ago to Manchester’s shipping container complex, Hatch, serving their doughnuts and cookies through a window at the front of the beloved venue.

Gooey is open Wednesday-Sunday at Ducie Street Warehouse, M1 2TP, from 12-6pm, and Wednesday-Sunday 12-6pm at Hatch, M1 7ED. 

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