These Loaded Hot Chocolates With Booze, Truffles And Marshmallows Have Landed In Manchester

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These Loaded Hot Chocolates With Booze, Truffles And Marshmallows Have Landed In Manchester

The classic hot chocolate has evolved over the years. No longer are we satisfied with a simple squirt of cream and dusting of cocoa powder. Nuh-uh. These days, it’s all about loading them up with everything but the kitchen sink – from cult favourite chocolates to marshmallow flumps bigger than your head. Which is exactly what Cocoa Cabana has in store this Christmas at Escape to Freight Island.

Forming part of the award-winning complex’s new ‘Winter Island’, the Manchester chocolatier will be serving up decadent hot chocolates all winter long – with an extensive menu on offer catering to all tastes.

Credit: Escape to Freight Island

Fans of the delicious chocolatiers will be familiar with their rich hot chocolates, already, serving a huge menu to choose from at both their Ancoats and Didsbury cafes – including dark caramel, chocolate orange, chocolate peanut butter, Biscoff, Bueno and Nutella, to name a few.

On the menu at Escape to Freight Island, however, their hot chocolates have faced a ‘loaded’ makeover, with the likes of champagne truffles, marshmallows, Christmas cake truffles, mince pie truffles and more piled on top of a generous serving of whipped cream, before being drizzled with rich chocolate and cocoa powder.


The menu brings over a few classic faves from the cafes, too, including chocolate mint, white berry warmer, and their thick Italian blend served with an Amaretti biscuit. For those seeking a boozier option, the menu boasts chocolatey creations including coconut rum, spiced rum and Sailor Jerry’s, or the option to add a shot of Baileys, brandy, whiskey or rum to any hot chocolate on the menu.

Cocoa Cabana is serving at Escape to Freight Island now at 11 Baring St, M1 2PZ. 

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