6 Unique Workout Classes In Manchester To Get You Back In The Gym

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor

6 Unique Workout Classes In Manchester To Get You Back In The Gym

If you (like me) have found yourself truly embracing your inner Sloth throughout Christmas, you might be keen to get back into the gym and back to peak fitness. And if you’re looking for something a little more fun than your old routine, Manchester has an array of unique workouts to get your body moving again. Check out our guide to the best fitness classes in Manchester.

1. Gain serious upper body strength at Bodybarre Pole Studio

Credit: Bodybarre Pole Studio

A workout that’ll be great for your back after basically morphing into a hunchback – pole fitness is much harder than it looks, but it’s fun too. Bodybarre has a studio especially for the sport, where beginnings and pros alike can practise the art of pole fitness. In addition to pole fitness, the studio also runs aerial classes, trapeze, gymnastics and even burlesque dancing. Bodybarre, 2nd Floor, 35-37 Thomas St, M4 1NA.

2. Embrace your inner ballerina at BLOK Manchester

Credit: BLOK

Combining the classical practice of ballet with strength training, BLOK’s ballet barre class is perfect for people of all fitness levels – and you don’t need a background in dance, either. The class is great for those who hate the intensity of a HIIT class, with each session focusing on mobility, flexibility and strength – great for leg toning and stretching out underused muscles. BLOK Manchester, Ducie St, Warehouse, M1 2TP.

3. Let out your frustrations with V1BE Fitness’s STR1KE class

Credit: V1BE Fitness

Letting out that post-lockdown frustration or anxiety never looked so tempting. V1BE has a number of classes at their Northern Quarter studio – but the one that catches our eye the most is their STR1KE class. A knock-out workout for both cardio and strength, the class uses boxing techniques where you work it out with a heavy bag, with a number of circuits and combos to complete for the duration. It’s harder than it looks, but the pay-off will have you feeling amazing. V1BE, 37 Dale St, M1 2HF.


4. Sweat it out with a Hot Yoga class at YogaSoul

Credit: YogaSoul MCR

Sometimes, you just gotta stretch and sweat out those toxins. Especially after months of takeaways and mid-afternoon snacking. YogaSoul offers an uber-relaxing Hot Yoga session that takes place in a heated room, allowing you to deepen each stretch thanks to the infrared heating systems. The class can be challenging, but is perfect for those looking to improve upon their technique. YogaSoul, 49a Newton St, M1 1FT.

5. Shake it out at a BLOKparty class at BLOK Manchester

Credit: BLOK

Another great workout by BLOK, BLOK Beat allows participants to really let their hair down to a specially curated playlist of high energy tracks, providing the ultimate party workout environment. Guests will be shown a number of dance moves throughout the class, which will help to tone, sculpt and improve cardiovascular fitness. If that didn’t sound hella fun already, the class even features club-style lighting, with the use of strobe effects. BLOK Manchester, Ducie St, Warehouse, M1 2TP.

6. Enjoy Yoga in a bright and airy setting at SPACE at the Mill

Credit: SPACE at the Mill

SPACE at the Mill has been specifically designed as a lovely, bright space to practise Yoga – with simple yet uplifting surroundings allowing guests to relax in a calm environment and focus on the moves. There’s a range of Yoga classes available to take part in, with classes designed for both beginners and regulars, including slow flow, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Iyengar. For those looking to start up Yoga, a hatha-based class is best suited. SPACE at the Mill, Wellington Mill, Duke St, M3 4NF.

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