The Chicago-Style Pizza Joint Serving Tasty Deep Dish Pies & All Beige Everything

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The Chicago-Style Pizza Joint Serving Tasty Deep Dish Pies & All Beige Everything

The tastes of Chicago right here in Manchester.

Manchester’s food scene has massively evolved over the past year, but one thing we were missing? The Chicago-style deep dish. Gracing the thriving city centre just this year, American Pies has truly blessed us Mancs – not only with their gooey, cheesy, iconic take on pizza, but with a number of other naughty Chicago-style dishes, too.

Not ones to disguise their love for comfort food, the team – who are also behind Manchester’s Brewski – has successfully curated an American menu like no other, one that also separates them from the saturated market of pizzerias here in the city already. In fact, the classic leopard-spotted Neapolitan crust that dominates this town is nowhere to be seen in American Pies kitchen, already creating a stark contrast in comparison to hotspots such as Rudy’s, Proove and Ciaooo.

Credit: American Pies

Specialising in proper Chicago deep-dish pizzas – a first of its kind in Manchester – the menu centres around the all-American creation, boasting classic toppings such as pepperoni, spicy fennel sausage, lamb meatballs, bacon and jalapeno and melty Nduja sausage. Pimped up with a lashing of garlic butter parmesan across the crust, the result is a mouthwatering pie, topped with ‘unthinkable’ amounts of stretchy mozzarella cheese, chunky marinara sauce to finish and toppings aplenty.

Credit: American Pies

The team has also got pretty creative with the starters and sides, too, creating deep-fried calzone, garlic knots (oh my god, the garlic knots), deep-fried lasagne, tater tots and goats cheese bonbons. We told ya they loved comfort food, didn’t we?

For the sweet tooths among us, the pie trend continues – with previous baked-to-perfection desserts including their many variations of the classic cookie pie, as well as other ever-changing creations such as the cheesecake pie, brownie pie and even a peanut butter jelly pie. They kind of resemble those hearty dessert pies from the sitcoms that are usually dished out during a Thanksgiving episode, giving us a nice and fuzzing, warming feeling inside whenever we see them. Naturally, here, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so we lucky Brits can gorge on the homely puds whenever we please.

Credit: American Pies

Keeping somewhat in sync with sister-site Brewski, the restaurant is also serving their well-loved ‘Mate Date’ platters (which at Brewski includes their huge breakfast platter and a fried chicken platter), with a ‘Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese’ offering complete with garlic knots, deep-fried lasagne bites, meatball parm, tater tots, deep-fried calzone and so much more. It’s a beige food lover’s paradise, and one which, despite our best solo efforts, is probably best enjoyed between friends.

Credit: American Pies

Open now in Manchester city centre, American Pies can be found at 58 Mosley St, M2 3HZ, and is open Wednesday-Sunday 12pm-10pm.

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