A Stacked Bloody Mary Delivery Service Exists In Manchester And It’s A Hangover Saviour

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A Stacked Bloody Mary Delivery Service Exists In Manchester And It’s A Hangover Saviour

A popular antidote to many a seasoned boozer, the Bloody Mary is the unsung hero of hangover cures. You’ll find it on about 80% of all brunch menus, which is great and all, but when you’re hanging out your backside – the last thing you want to do is drag yourself out of bed. Enter, Your Buddy Mary.

Starting life in 2016 as a result of an unfulfilled love for the cocktail, Your Buddy Mary bridges the gap between the bar and your bed, delivering Bloody Mary kits to those in need every week.

Credit: Your Buddy Mary

Consisting of a menu of three different mixes, the service offers a fully vegan Bloody Mary recipe – opting for Henderson’s Relish instead of the traditional ingredient, Worcestershire Sauce.

The Signature mix is described as ‘bold, balanced and beautiful’, with the service also offering an American mix; including cajun, chipotle and pickle juice and a Cinco de Mary; including lime juice, chipotle, smoked paprika and habanero sauce. Fans of the service can now also enjoy newbies such as the Bruno, The Portuguese Magnifico; which includes peri peri, extra lemon juice and herbs.


Credit: Your Buddy Mary

In addition to the mixes, Your Buddy Mary also offers three ‘Garnish Kits’, which includes The Veggie Mary; consisting of 1x bloody mary mix, mixed pickles, cheese Platter, olives, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, lemon wedges and YBM rim salt, The Meaty Mary; with the same items as The Veggie Mary and the addition of 2x chicken wings, 2x streaky bacon, cold meats, meat stick, large pig in blanket and a SFC fillet, and There’s Something About Mary; again, including The Veggie Mary plus 8x chicken wings, 6x streaky bacon, cold meats, meat sticks, 2x large pigs in blankets, 4x SFC fillets, 2x giant pretzels, 2x Chicago Town pizzas, 6x onion rings, 4x jalapeño bites, 2x corn dogs, extra pickles, olives, cheese & tomatoes. Phew, what a hangover cure.

Available to order via email at hungover@yourbuddymary.com, Marys start at just £5.95, with deliveries taking place every Friday. The brand has new vegan kits in the works, and you can check out the menu here.

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