5 Beautiful Places To Spot Bluebells In And Around Manchester

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5 Beautiful Places To Spot Bluebells In And Around Manchester

Blooming lovely.

With the reappearance of the warmer weather comes the return of colourful blooms, gracing all of our green spaces with a natural dose of serotonin. And here to coat our woodlands in a sea of lilac-blue is the long-awaited bluebell season – which is officially in full force across the country. Luckily for us Mancs – there’s plenty of places to spot a glimpse of them this April and May, too, providing us with tranquil places to unwind in the sunshine. If you fancy a woodland wander this spring, here’s our guide on where to see bluebells in and around Manchester.

1. Happy Valley, Bramhall

A fantastic place for a Sunday stroll in Stockport, Happy Valley not only has a brilliant name, but it’s a brilliant place, too. Currently carpeted in vibrant bluebells, the stunning nature reserve is home to large stretches of the pretty spring flowers, which pop up every single April and May. If that wasn’t all, there’s also a picturesque brook, too, which is lovely to follow on a sunny day.

2. Dunham Massey, Altrincham

Home to an entire meadow of bluebells, Dunham Massey is a fantastic place to spot the beautiful spring flower, with thousands of the protected flowers found dotted throughout the estate. If you want a huge dose of their beauty, however, the Bog Garden is absolutely covered in the stuff, and is a gorgeous spot to wind down after a long week at work.

3. Styal Woods, Wilmslow

Marking the end of winter every single year, Styal Woods becomes a sea of blue in the spring, thanks to the hundreds and thousands of seasonal blooms that the woodland is home to. Also home to Quarry Bank Mill, the location is perfect for a weekend leg stretch, just a short drive from the city centre.

4. Walkden Gardens

A highly underrated spot just outside of the city, Walkden Gardens is home to thousands of beautiful, colourful flowers – including bluebells. Consisting of a number of different gardens and green spaces, visitors will stumble upon stunning banks of bluebells along the Cherry Walk, with a more woodland feel compared to the rest of the Gardens.

5. Bluebell Cottage Gardens, Cheshire

A lovely plant nursery based in Warrington, Bluebell Cottage Gardens is quite the sight in the springtime, with pops of colour at every turn. In particular, fairytale-style scenes of beautiful bluebells, blanketing the woodland section with lilac-blue. The gorgeous nursery is owned and managed by Sue Beesley, who tends to some lovely blooms all year round.

Bluebells are a protected species here in the UK, and picking them is prohibited. Please don’t pick these beautiful flowers! 

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