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Escape Under An Archway Of Beautiful Wisteria At This Perfectly Peaceful Manchester Garden

Laura Rogan Laura Rogan - Editor of Secret Manchester

Escape Under An Archway Of Beautiful Wisteria At This Perfectly Peaceful Manchester Garden

The perfect place to take a summer stroll.

It’s been quite some time since we were able to freely roam without a care in the world – and it’s certainly been a long time since we’ve been able to do that without the weight of the pandemic on our shoulders. Our backs have become stiff from lounging on the sofa, our Instagram’s hella dry as a result of our lives being put on a temporary hold, and our minds have been left full of wanderlust – even just for the local Nisa. But this is where the ever-transportive Walkden Gardens comes in.

Creating an almost fairytale-like setting for Mancs to discover, the stunning gardens are currently in full bloom, not only boasting numerous beautiful spring flowers which are dotted throughout, but also a magical wisteria arch, which droops down to create a moment of bliss as you stroll underneath it. Imported from Italy, the arch blooms at its brightest during May, with many flocking every spring to see it in all of its 70-ft long glory.

Credit: Walkden Gardens

Every turn provides something new to look at, with endless sections throughout boasting completely different landscapes. From beautiful cherry trees to perfectly arranged fuchsias, a Japanese zen garden and a space packed full of scented plants and flowers – there’s a whole lot of tranquillity to absorb within the venue’s five acres.

It’s the perfect place to enjoy a bit of escapism, with the ever-changing scenery providing an endless sense of calm as you carelessly stroll from one section to the next. Whether it’s the spring bluebells that put a smile on your face or colourful arboretums, there’s a part of the garden that’s sure to cheer up even the gloomiest of us.

Credit: Walkden Gardens

Located just outside of Sale, not Walkden – like you may have assumed, the garden is named after its former owner, Harry Walkden, and can now be found at Derbyshire Rd, Sale, M33 3EL – under the maintenance of both volunteers and Trafford Council.

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