12 Of The Best True Crime Shows To Binge-Watch During Lockdown

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12 Of The Best True Crime Shows To Binge-Watch During Lockdown

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It’s times like these that we can really appreciate true crime documentaries. From digesting the information, to becoming a fully-fledged at-home detective, there’s nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a good conspiracy. And since we have nothing better to do, we’ve rounded up the best true crime shows and documentaries out there to feed your addiction. You can thank us later.

Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer, Amazon Prime

Credit: Amazon Prime

Following on from Netflix’s success with The Ted Bundy Tapes, Amazon Prime released Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer, the first personal account of his ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Kendall. Kendall is known as the woman who called the police on Bundy, unravelling the truth about the mysterious murders taking place in years previous. Kendall tells her side of the story, sharing harrowing details of what it was like to date one of the world’s most prolific killers. Ted Bundy: Falling For A Killer is streaming on Amazon Prime now.

Quiz, ITV Player

Credit: ITV

Based on true events, ITV’s Quiz is absolutely mind-blowing. The three-part drama starts at the inception of the hit quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, before swiftly moving on to the 2001 cheating scandal involving contestants Charles and Diana Ingram. The pair attempted to pull off quite the heist, rigging the game to win the grand prize of £1 million. The drama covers the couple’s plot, as well as the trial which eventually led to Charles Ingram’s conviction. Now streaming on ITV Player.

Dirty John, Netflix

Credit: Bravo

Telling the true story of conman John Meehan in a dramatised manner, Dirty John stars Connie Britton as Debra Newell, a successful woman struggling to find love. Her world is turned upside down, however, when John Meehan (Eric Bana) enters her life and sweeps her off her feet – but not all is as it seems, and her daughters can sense it. Dirty John is available to stream on Netflix.

Don’t F**k With Cats, Netflix

Credit: Netflix

Don’t F**k With Cats shocked audiences upon its debut just a few months ago, detailing the horrific crimes of Luka Magnotta. The series features a number of amateur internet sleuths who launched a manhunt for the twisted criminal, leading to his eventual conviction in 2014 – two years after committing a number of sickening crimes which were posted on the internet. The full series is available to watch on Netflix.

The Innocence Files, Netflix

Credit: Netflix

New to Netflix just this month, The Innocence Files has had audiences feeling all of the emotions since it dropped on the streaming platform. The series follows the previously untold stories of eight wrongfully convicted people, who the Innocence Project have uncovered and worked to exonerate. Expect tears of sadness, tears of joy and rage as their stories are shared with the world. Now streaming on Netflix.

The Jinx, Now TV

Credit: HBO

A mini docu-series about New York real estate heir Robert Durst, The Jinx revisits the disappearance of Kathleen McCormack Durst, the death of Susan Berman and the murder of Morris Black – all of which Durst was accused of being responsible for. There’s a whole lot of shocking twists and turns throughout as the mystery unfolds, with many pieces of evidence explored. Durst still awaits trial, which was due to take place March 2020. The trial has been postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The Jinx is available to watch on Now TV.

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, Netflix

Credit: Netflix

One of the biggest mysteries of our lifetime, Netflix dug out the investigation of the peculiar disappearance of Madeleine McCann, featuring interviews with the Portuguese detective who famously accused the McCann’s of being involved. Various others involved in the investigation also tell their side of the story. The evidence showcased will have you feeling dizzy, as the investigation jolts from one suspect to another with a number of shocking revelations. To this day, Madeleine McCann remains a missing person. The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann is streaming on Netflix.


Mindhunter, Netflix

Credit: Netflix

While not a documentary series, Mindhunter covers a variety of real-life murders in a fictionalised manner, with serial killers such as Ed Kemper, Charles Manson and Wayne Williams being portrayed. The series follows two FBI agents on a mission to understand how the mind of a serial killer works, visiting notorious killers in prison along the way to create ‘Serial Killer Profiling’. The interesting part is, while loosely based on true events, this is something that actually happened within the FBI. There are two seasons to get stuck into, so you’re sure to be entertained for a couple of days at least. Available on Netflix.

Kemper on Kemper: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer, Now TV

Credit: Oxygen

If you loved Mindhunter, you’ll enjoy delving a little deeper into the Co-Ed killer’s story in Kemper on Kemper: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer. But not only does the documentary help you understand what Kemper did and why, but it also provides further insight into the FBI tapes that inspired Mindhunter. The agent who conducted the interviews, John Douglas, speaks exclusively about the research and how Kemper’s interviews became the ‘backbone’ of modern criminal psychology. Now streaming on Now TV. 

Abducted In Plain Sight, Netflix

Credit: Netflix

Shedding light on the 1974 disappearance of a then 12-year-old Jan Broberg, Abducted In Plain Sight is one of Netflix’s best, twisty true crime documentaries. The film reveals shocking details about what happened to Jan, and just how twisted her kidnapper really was. The story is absolutely bizarre and will have you raging at not only their seemingly friendly neighbour, but Jan’s parents too. Available to watch on Netflix.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace, Netflix

Credit: FX

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy recreates the famous murder of Gianni Versace in this 9 episode limited series – dramatised, of course, for our entertainment. Starring Darren Criss as the murderous Andrew Cunanan, the series details Cunanan’s background and the events leading up to Versace’s death, inspired by the investigation and actual events in Cunanan’s life. Available to watch on Netflix.

I Love You, Now Die, Amazon Prime

Credit: HBO

The now infamous case of The Commonwealth vs Michelle Carter, I Love You, Now Die shows Carter standing trial for convincing her boyfriend to commit suicide. The two-part film shows the true story of Carter and boyfriend, Conrad Roy, detailing the harrowing text exchange between the pair that ultimately led to Roy’s suicide. I Love You, Now Die is available to rent on Amazon Prime.

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