These Are The Most Binge-Worthy Documentaries To Watch On Netflix Right Now

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These Are The Most Binge-Worthy Documentaries To Watch On Netflix Right Now

Need your documentary fix?

We feel you. Start the new month with a new series with these gripping, chilling and even heartwarming documentaries and docu-series available to stream on Netflix right now.

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez

Credit: Netflix

New to Netflix, viewers have been raving about this brand new documentary, with some left shaken to their core. The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez uncovers the shocking treatment of a young eight-year-old boy who was let down by child protective services after enduring horrific abuse from his parents. The documentary details the investigations that were undertaken by social workers, revealing just how badly this young boy was let down by every adult in his life. A warning in advance, however, this 6-part series will leave you feeling pretty emotional.

Tell Me Who I Am

Credit: Netflix

A truly moving journey, Tell Me Who I Am tells the story of two twins, one of which is hiding a dark family secret. After losing his memory as a young man, Alex lives his life blissfully unaware of the shocking truth about his past, while his twin brother Marcus bottles it up deep down to protect Alex. Watch Alex’s journey as he tries to discover who he really is, uncovering moments from his past and discoveries he’s made over the years. It’s an unsettling and highly emotional affair, but well worth the watch for the shock factor this real-life story carries.


Credit: Netflix

A recent addition to Netflix’s vast library, Babies has been a hit with documentary lovers, with the series shedding light on babies evolution over a twelve-month period. Following fifteen families over a year-long period, the series explains the science behind babies development, as well as how having a new human around impacts families. If you’re not broody already, you probably will be after watching, with the show covering everything from first laughs, steps and the incredible bonds formed between parent and baby. Whether you’re a new parent, expecting, or just simply interested in biology, this wholesome series will blow your mind with some interesting science!


Credit: Netflix

Highly relevant for the world’s current issue, Pandemic is new for 2020, and the informative series covers just how prepared (or unprepared) the world is for a pandemic – with a number of scientists working to create a vaccine for a potential flu outbreak. While the series is unfortunately timed with the current outbreak of Coronavirus, curious minds can get a look behind the scenes of what it actually takes to get an outbreak under control, as well as what the world of science has already been doing to prepare us for upcoming epidemics.

Greatest Events of WWII In Colour

Credit: Netflix

One of the best WW2 documentaries in a long time, Greatest Events of WWII In Colour features colourised archive footage from the war, including some of the most pivotal moments throughout the years. Moments such as the attack on Pearl Harbour to Britain wiping out Dresden are highlighted, showing the war in a whole new light for history fans. The series is narrated by Robert Powell, with a rare library of never-before-seen footage from Japan, Russia and many more countries.

Surviving R. Kelly

Credit: Lifetime

You’ve read about it in the media, but now, victims come forward for the first time to tell their story, sharing the shocking reality of what life was like with Robert Kelly. The first season uncovers some truly horrific accusations, with a large number of people who were around R. Kelly from the start of his career to more recent times coming forward with some unbelievable stories. The documentary features his ex-wife Andrea Lee, as well as those who worked with him in the early years, those who were abused by him, and the parents of some of his victims. The documentary also touches on his highly-publicised marriage to Aaliyah.

Dirty Money

Credit: Netflix

With a new season set to drop this month, now’s a better time than ever to catch up on Dirty Money. Digging up the secrets of scandal and corruption in business, this documentary features firsthand accounts of some shocking stories from both victims and perpetrators. The juicy documentary was extremely popular when it was released back in 2018, even exposing some dirty little secrets about shady deals that allegedly happen in Donald Trump’s business empire. Learn about the illegal methods the rich and corporate use to continue getting richer, while you sit at home wondering how on Earth they get away with it.


Don’t F**k With Cats

Credit: Netflix

Disturbing, gripping and incredibly messed up are just some of the ways to describe the story of Don’t F**k with Cats, but don’t let that put you off. The three-part series tells the true story of Luka Magnotta, a seriously twisted criminal who posted sick videos online before murdering another person and filming it. Magnotta became the subject of an international manhunt, leading to his eventual conviction. The documentary features the internet sleuths who were hellbent on tracking the killer down, as well as the actual footage that Magnotta posted online. The videos are so graphic some of the footage is censored, while other parts are simply described to audiences due to the horrific actions they showcase.

Dark Tourist

Credit: Netflix

Something a little chirpier compared to Netflix’s wide range of shocking crime docu-series, Dark Tourist stars David Farrier as he travels the world, exploring some of the alternative tourist destinations across the globe. Farrier visits some seriously strange places, from the home of Pablo Escobar, Chernobyl and the gruesome McKamey Manor. The eight-part series covers a lot of ground, with interesting facts about some of the world’s darkest corners. Think budget Louis Theroux with a tiny bit more humour.

The Great Hack

Credit: Netflix

A documentary that will have you thinking very differently about the way you use social media, The Great Hack documents the Cambridge Analytica scandal, featuring Mark Zuckerberg himself on trial for the misuse of data. The documentary widely follows Brittany Kaiser, the former business development director at Cambridge Analytica as it’s revealed how Facebook members data was allegedly used to help the Trump administration during the election. Viewers will learn the shocking amount of data points businesses like Cambridge Analytica collect on internet users, as well as how it is then used on social media.

My Octopus Teacher

Credit: Netflix

A surprisingly emotional and beautiful journey following a filmmaker taking a break from his career to rediscover life. While living in South Africa, Craig Foster meets a curious little octopus going about its life in a kelp forest – and after multiple visits, forges a friendship with the magical creature. While their friendship and Craig’s learnings are incredibly inspiring as they are, they actually helped scientists to further understand the species, an accidental byproduct of his wonderful daily musings.

David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet

Credit: Netflix

David Attenborough’s most hard-hitting documentary yet, A Life On Our Planet looks back on the famed broadcaster’s career – but with a twist. The documentary uncovers the shocking changes to the planet that Attenborough has witnessed throughout his lifetime, including the damaging effects we as humans have had on Earth. From rapidly rising population rates, to frightening increases in CO2 emissions, David Attenborough shares an important word of warning to viewers.

The Defiant Ones

Credit: HBO

An interesting insight into the friendship between Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, The Defiant Ones covers a ton of ground in its exploration, from the rise of rap, to Iovine’s background in creating absolute musical legends. The series was filmed over a three-year period, interviewing everyone who is anyone in the music biz.

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