Here’s Everything Worth A Watch On Netflix UK In March

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Here’s Everything Worth A Watch On Netflix UK In March

See out the end of lockdown with a Netflix binge.

With just a few weeks left until we can finally leave our houses and say a sweet goodbye to Groundhog Dog, we’re planning to fill our time with as much Netflix & Chill as possible. We’re talking checking off those last few series from our bucket lists, cramming in a few new movies and generally slothing out before we enjoy those long-awaited reunions with friends and family. From star-studded Hollywood comedies to gripping dystopian dramas – here’s everything worth a watch on Netflix UK this March 2021.

Moxie, March 3

A Me Too-influenced coming-of-age tale, Moxie sees a young woman begin to upend the patriarchy at her local high school, aided and abetted by her mother (Amy Poehler). The comedy is just one of many star-studded films planned for the streaming platform this year, following the release of Malcolm & Marie (John David Washington & Zendaya) and The Dig (Ralph Fiennes). Stream it from March 3.

Leaving Neverland, TBC

Credit: Channel 4

A two-part documentary that centres around interviews from two men who were befriended by Michael Jackson when they were children, Leaving Neverland caused shockwaves upon its release back in 2019. Described as ‘disturbing’, the documentary sees James Safechuck and Wade Robson come forward with their abuse allegations, detailing their experiences with one of the most famous people on the planet. Premiere date TBC. 

Riverdale S5, Weekly

Credit: Warner Bros. Television

Riverdale returned for its fifth series just this month, jumping years into the future and seeing the main gang break apart for over half a decade. But Archie, of course, finds a way to bring the gang back together. The series is airing weekly every Thursday on Netflix UK.

Pet Sematary (2019), March 12

Credit: Paramount Pictures

A remake of the Stephen King novel, the horror film follows Dr Louis Creed after he and his family lose their pet cat in an accident and bury it in the nearby cemetery. What they don’t expect, however, is the darkness this unleashes. Stream it from March 12 (if you don’t live near a cemetery!). 

The One (S1), March 12

An interesting concept that seems very Black Mirror, The One is a new thriller series, based on the book of the same name by John Marrs. The concept is based around a new dating service, which uses DNA to match you with ‘the one’. Naturally with this type of near-future dystopian drama, however, not everything is as it seems – as police begin to discover after a man suspiciously dies. Binge watch it from March 12.

Yes Day, March 12

Jennifer Garner stars in Yes Day, a family-friendly comedy about a couple who – after feeling like all they do is say ‘no’ to their kids – decide to give their children a ‘yes day’, which allows them to make up the rules for 24 hours only. Watch it on March 12.


The Nun, March 14

Credit: New Line Cinema

A frightening instalment to James Wan’s Conjuring universe, The Nun takes fans of the franchise way back to where it all begun: Romania. After a young nun takes her own life, the Vatican sends a priest to investigate, however, he finds himself faced with a demonic nun, also known as Valak. Watch it from March 14.

Crazy Rich Asians, March 22

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Smash hit Crazy Rich Asians is dropping on Netflix soon, and it’s the perfect rom-com to lighten up the end of lockdown. The film follows Rachel, a professor, who begins dating a new guy – however, she discovers he’s from one of the richest families in the country when she finally meets the parents. Watch it on March 22.

Biggie: I Got A Story To Tell, March 1

Few stars burned so brightly yet so briefly as that of Christopher Wallace, known to millions as The Notorious B.I.G. This documentary includes behind-the-scenes footage and testimony from those who knew him best, to deliver a must-watch portrait of the hip hop legend. Stream it from March 1.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S7), March 26

Credit: Fremulon

Fans have been clamouring for season seven of the cult US comedy even since season six dropped, and we’ll finally get our wish this month. Now, bring on season eight! Stream it from March 26.

Murder Among The Mormons, March 3

This month’s true crime dose comes in the form of Murder Among The Mormons, a documentary that unveils the series of bombings that took place in Salt Lake City, killing two and injuring another. But what was really going on within the Latter-day Saint community that led to these horrific actions? Find out from March 3.

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