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Colonel Tom Moore Has Been Offered A £1.5 Million Book Deal To Tell His Incredible Life Story

By Jack Saddler

A life story of Colonel Tom Moore is in the works.

Colonel Tom Moore, the UK lockdown’s hero protagonist, will have his fascinating story told in a book deal worth £1.5 million.

The 100-year-old WWII veteran raised an unbelievable £32 million for the NHS. He did so by vowing to walk 100 laps of his back garden before he turned 100. Of course, he did so in style, with a hefty sum ready for donation to boot.

His staggering book deal now incredibly seems a little scarce in comparison to how much Tom Moore raised for the health service. His contribution to the service has proved a rare bright spark amongst the dark fight against COVID-19.


The book is set to be assembled by professionals who are said to already be recording his memoirs through phone calls with the WWII veteran. It will be released by Penguin Random House. It also follows the documentary on Colonel Tom Moore’s life which aired on ITV on VE Day (May 8).

On top of this, Tom has allegedly been asked to write a children’s book, a lifestyle book, and a World War Two-inspired cookery book.

There is no word yet on when the title will be released, but it seems sure to become a best-seller.

You can still donate to Colonel Tom Moore’s campaign here.