ITV Set To Release A Documentary On The Life Of Captain Tom Moore

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ITV Set To Release A Documentary On The Life Of Captain Tom Moore

What an incredible century it’s been for Captain Tom Moore.

The 99-year-old WWII Veteran has stolen the public’s hearts and attention recently. And for good reason. He’s single-handedly raised nearly £30 million for the NHS during the nation’s fight against COVID-19.

Tom Moore pledged to walk 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday, setting himself a now-modest-in-comparison target of £1000. He completed the task in flying colours, with over £12 million in his fundraiser by the time he reached 100. Then, he vowed to continue walking his laps each day.

This even saw him break a Guinness World Record for largest amount raised during a charity walk. His charity rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” also saw him reach the top of the UK charts.

While the bulk of headlines have covered this incredible feat, a new ITV documentary will look into his past. ‘Captain Tom Moore’s Tale’ will delve into his draft to India during WWII.

Produced by North One Television, it will look at his role during the Burma campaign where he, along with millions of others, fought against a Japanese invasion. It will air on ITV1 at 8pm on Friday, May 8.

Credit: Tom Moore

“Captain Tom’s War will shed light on a campaign which comparatively goes unmentioned but in which our troops suffered unthinkable hardship and tens of thousands of British soldiers fought and died,” said Tom Giles, ITV’s Controller of Current Affairs.

“Hearing this from Captain Tom Moore, who fought in Burma, means we will find out a lot more about the man who has done so much to raise our spirits at this time and the experience he and many others faced during World War Two on an occasion when we rightly come together to thank them for their sacrifice.”

‘Captain Tom Moore’s Tales’ will air on Victory In Europe Day (May 8) at 8pm on ITV1. You can donate to Tom Moore’s fundraiser, which is set to surpass £30 million, here.

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