8 Manchester Bars Serving Up Takeaway Pints and Cocktails During Lockdown

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8 Manchester Bars Serving Up Takeaway Pints and Cocktails During Lockdown

Socially distant pint, anyone?

Social life taken quite the hit since the UK lockdown began? We feel you. As the sun finally rears its head from Manchester’s signature grey clouds, a number of our beloved Manchester bars are offering up takeaway pints, wines and cocktails – making summer in quarantine that little bit more bearable. Check out Secret Manchester’s guide to the city centre spots serving up fresh drinks that you can take home with you.

1. Flok, Northern Quarter

Flok has continued to operate as an off-license during lockdown, however, now the sun is finally shining consistently over Manchester, the bar has expanded their offering with refreshing takeaway pints. On the menu, choose from a selection of draft lagers, cask, cider, cocktails and wine. Additionally, the NQ spot has also introduced a to-go deli, where you can pick up snacks and sandwiches. Flok is usually open till around 8pm. Flok, 5 Stevenson Square, M1 1DN.

2. Evelyn’s, Northern Quarter

Evelyn’s has re-opened after initially closing at the beginning of lockdown, introducing some adapted menu items for home delivery, and a refreshing cocktail menu to takeaway now that summer is finally here. Cocktails cost just £7 and can be collected from their Northern Quarter restaurant, with flavours such as Frozen Pornstar Martini and Frozen Melon Mojito already gracing the menu. Snacks and drinks can be purchased on-site to takeaway, and food can now be ordered via Deliveroo. Evelyn’s, 44 Tib St, M4 1NB.

3. Sammy’s, Northern Quarter

Vintage cocktail spot Sammy’s is back, and their tasty cocktails are available to purchase for takeaway. Not only that, but you can try them 2 for £10 Tuesday-Thursday, too. Get your fix of frozen margaritas, or try out their deli offering which includes a monster chicken schnitzel sandwich. The bar is open till 11pm most nights, and 2am Thursday-Saturday, with both beer and cocktails available to purchase. Sammy’s, 26 Swan Street, M4 5JQ.

4. Common, Northern Quarter

Launching last weekend with their resident pizza providers, Nell’s Pizza, Common is back each weekend with takeaway pizzas and pints when you order via their app. The giant 16″ pizzas come with a variety of topping choices, with add-on alcohol available to purchase alongside it. Each customer is given a time slot to collect so unfortunately, you can’t just pop in on a whim and grab a beer – however, it’s a great opportunity to try out Nell’s incredible NYC-inspired pizza while getting that refreshing taste of fresh-out-the-tap beer to wash it down with. Common, 39-41 Edge St, M4 1HW.

5. Wood Restaurant, First Street

Keeping in touch with fans in a number of different ways since lockdown began, Wood has launched a brand new outdoor bar window where customers can pick up a takeaway pint. The pop-up is on First Street, where the restaurant also resides, and there’s a limited number of options to choose from. If beer isn’t quite your style, the restaurant has also been pre-mixing cocktails for both delivery and takeaway, which are carefully contained so you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. Food can also be collected or delivered when ordering via their app. Wood, Jack Rosenthal St, M15 4RA.

6. Ancoats General Store, Ancoats

The last remaining Ancoats spot still serving takeaway beer after the bank holiday’s out-of-hand street party, the amazing team at Ancoats General Store is offering up craft beer on draft, but under strict conditions. Craft beer is only served to those who aren’t planning to participate in street drinking and can only be served if you have a sealable container with you. Police are now also regularly patrolling Cutting Room Square as a precautionary method to prevent anti-social behaviour in the area. In addition to their new craft on draft, the shop is also stocking cans of local brews in their beer section. Ancoats General Store, 57 Great Ancoats Street, M4 5AB.

7. Federal, Northern Quarter

Opening up for takeaway coffees, brunch and cocktails, Federal’s Northern Quarter premises have a summery cocktail menu available that you can pick up from the cafe. For those looking to make the most of their selection, too, there’s 2 for £10 on cocktails (and you can mix and match as well!). All drinks can be ordered and collected on-site with strict social distancing in place, and their food menu can be enjoyed at home when ordered via Deliveroo. Federal, 9 Nicholas Croft, M4 1EY.

8. Port Street Beer House, Northern Quarter

Operating a bottle shop and collection service, Port Street Beer House has now introduced a takeaway pint service, with limited beers on keg to try out. Customers can bring their own growlers, or take away 1 or 2-pint carriers from the beerhouse. Pints are served between 4-6pm Wednesdays and Fridays only, with last week’s brews including Schofferhofer, Veltins, Kirkstall Virtuous and Pomona Island House IPA. Order on their website ahead of your collection, or order at the door. Port Street Beer House, 39-41 Port St, M1 2EQ.

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