Large Groups Of People Meet To Drink In Ancoats, Completely Ignoring Social Distancing

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Large Groups Of People Meet To Drink In Ancoats, Completely Ignoring Social Distancing

The bank holiday weekend saw Covidiots out in full force again.

Ancoats residents have taken to Twitter this weekend after large groups of people flocked to Cutting Room Square, the home of Manchester institutions such as Rudy’s and Seven Bro7hers. Sharing their rage, locals have been posting images and videos of the ‘street party’, which saw friends meeting up and mingling with others, whilst ignoring social distancing rules.

The shocking footage shows people treating the square like a beer garden, with some Twitter users reporting the use of illegal substances and excessive drinking. Check out the images below.

Frustrated residents took to social media, sharing videos and images of the occurrence, with user Serge Adam (@sergemufc)  tweeting: “Idiots the lot of them. This is the reason why we’ll still be in lockdown for weeks to come.”

User Victoria Shaw (@victoriashawmcr) came forward after watching the events unfold, too, saying: “Ancoats has been invaded by THE most antisocial group of kids I’ve ever seen in my life, there was 100s of them at one point. Cocaine. Balloons. Beer. Pissing on the Hallé, again. How do we stop this”.

The square wasn’t the only place that saw large gatherings over the bank holiday weekend, either, with locals reporting that beauty spots Dovestone Reservoir and Formby Beach had also seen flocks of visitors.

The UK lockdown is still underway, with only a few rules currently lifted as the country continues to battle the Coronavirus outbreak. Revealing changes to come just yesterday, Boris Johnson has announced that non-essential stores will begin to re-open next month, however, it is currently unclear when social restrictions will begin to ease.

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