PureGym Reveals What Gyms Will Look Like When They Finally Re-Open

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PureGym Reveals What Gyms Will Look Like When They Finally Re-Open

Working out won’t be the same as before.

While some of us have taken well to home workouts and jogging during lockdown, the remainder of us have taken even better to laying on the sofa and enjoying our favourite restaurants at home. But it looks like its time to get ourselves in gear, as gyms around the UK begin to make preparations for their safe re-openings.

Sharing their plans in a document to investors, PureGym has outlined the changes they’ll be implementing to all gyms in the UK, which encourage social distancing between members and increase health and safety on the premises.

Credit: PureGym

The eight-step plan, reported by LADbible, includes a series of precautions – such as preventing members with symptoms from attending, limiting the number of members allowed in at one time, and increasing sanitisation within the gyms.

Images within the document showcase large boxes made of tape with sticker dots in the middle, which will be used to encourage people to social distance when working out. Members will be required to train in their box while using the area, and keep a distance from other members to prevent the spread of germs and potential virus’. Additionally, cleaning stations will be installed around the gym, and machines will be well-spaced from one another to create distance.

Credit: PureGym

Gyms across England are not expected to re-open before July 4, with PureGym CEO Humphrey Cobbold telling BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme: “The right approach is a considered and careful opening, we will probably, when permitted by government, start by opening half a dozen sites and then expand from there when we’re confident that we have a model that’s safe and secure for members for the future.”

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