13 Of The Best Manchester Restaurants Still Delivering During Lockdown

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13 Of The Best Manchester Restaurants Still Delivering During Lockdown

Takeaways are all the rage right now.

Since we are encouraged to stay indoors at the moment, takeaways are a handy way to support food businesses. They also give us a taste of what it will be like to eventually be able to go back to our favourite restaurants.

Not everywhere is open, but many delicious spots are still sending out food to the nation. Here are some of the best restaurants still delivering grub in Manchester.

1. KFC

Credit: Deliveroo

And on the fourth week of lockdown, KFC decided to reopen some stores for delivery. A huge sigh of relief was felt all around. It may have put an end to some unwanted flashbacks of when KFC ran out of chicken in 2018… Either way, it’s back to deliver some cluckin’ good chicken for hungry isolators.

You can order KFC to your doorstep right here.

2. Archies

The number one takeaway option to get whatever you’re in the mood for. Afternoon waffles and ice cream? Check. Texan Tornado Chicken Burger for a movie night (or day—it is a lockdown, after all)? You’re good to go. Elite BBQ Chicken Wings with a “Moonwalker” milkshake? Check, check, check. It’s all here at the pink king of Mancunian takeaway.

You can order Archies to your doorstep right here.

3. Five Guys

Everyone has those days where nothing but a gigantic portion of burger and chips will do. And not many places do that better than Five Guys. Get a hefty burger stacked with personalised fillings with fries and a milkshake, American style, delivered to your door in as little as 15 minutes.

You can order Five Guys to your doorstep right here.

4. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is alive and ticking for you to indulge this lockdown. Generously-topped pizza is a good self-care method during normal times. So, you best believe it’ll work better during this period. Order an obscenely large pizza now and forgot your worries just for a moment. It’s even 10% off on Deliveroo right now.

You can order Pizza Hut to your doorstep right here

5. Nomi Katsu

Image: Nomi Katsu

If you’ve been missing your katsu curry dishes dearly, fear not. Nomi is the spot for you. Throw in some edamame beans and gyoza and there’s some cracking lockdown grub available to ease you through the boredom.

You can order Nomi Katsu to your doorstep right here. 

6. Lameizi Chinese Restaurant

This central Manchester Chinese food spot is famed for its hot dishes. Everyone could do with spicing up their lives a bit right now. The lockdown days can drag a little. So, it’s essential that you give the special hot and spicy seafood platters a go. If you can’t handle the heat, no sweat. They serve up a mean, crowd-pleasing aromatic duck which you can never go wrong with.

You can order Lameizi to your doorstep right here.

7. Ibérica


While you can’t take a quick holiday to Spain right now, you can still enjoy some exquisite tapas. Ibérica has a host of plates available from portions of manchego to slices of cured Jamon, to patatas bravas and the unusual chorizo lollipops. Order yourself some wine and sit outside (no rain for once please, Manchester) and you might as well be in Barcelona.

You can order Ibérica to your doorstep right here.

8. Zouk Tea Bar

They can take our lives, but they will never deprive us of curry night. Thankfully, that’s the case in Manchester anyway. Zouks Tea Bar is at our service and we are eternally grateful. If we had to go an entire lockdown without a jalfrezi or kofta then… well, I don’t know what we’d do. But at least we won’t have to find out. They also serve up mean seafood and vegetarian curries.

You can order Zouks to your doorstep right here. 

9. Inazal 

Nandos may be closed for most of the public right now, but you can still get some cracking grilled chicken. Inazal gives the half chicken a Filipino twist with a host of delicious flavours. Whether its full pieces, teriyaki wraps or scrumptious Adobo wings, Inazal is your go-to spot for mouthwatering Manchester chicken.

You can order Inazal to your doorstep right here.

10. Fuji Bento

This spot has a dish called kamikaze wings, and if that doesn’t sound enticing to you, reader, I don’t know what does. Besides this, you have a delicious Asian fusion menu on the screen in front of you. A tofu mango salad awaits for a quick lunch, as does a chicken yakisoba bento box complete with edamame and miso soup, if you’re looking for a larger feast.

You can order Fujii Bento to your doorstep right here.

11. Ice Stone Gelato

Because ice cream is always the best medicine in a crisis. Not to mention the fact that you can also get pancakes, frozen yoghurt, fudge brownies, cookie dough and much more. It’s a blessing (and maybe a curse) for anyone with even the slightest sweet tooth. You won’t be able to stop gorging on their desserts. There’s even the sacred Tango ice blast. Oh yes.

You can order Ice Stone Gelato to your doorstep right here. 

12. Rudy’s Pizza Ancoats

Praise the Lord, praise thee who finally brought back the mighty Rudy’s pizza for lockdown delivery. Yes, the spot voted the best pizza in the UK, and the 10th in the world no less, has just announced they are back in the game. The cult chain is offering its full pizza menu for delivery, as well as a selection of fine Italian wines. Rudy’s is available on Deliveroo between 5-10pm on weekdays, and 3-10pm on weekends. Order it here.

13. The Midnight Delivery

A name-fitting for the ultimate midnight snacks that come to mind. Want to recreate the cinema at home with some colourful pick ‘n’ mix? Sorted. Ever fancied a Freddo (?!) or Smartie cookie dough? They’ve got gigantic trays of those. Or just want some cake for pudding? The Midnight Delivery’s got a mean salted caramel chocolate fudge slice. For any sweet tooths out there, you’ll be well-stocked here for late-night snacks. Download The Midnight Delivery’s App here.

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