The Out-Of-Town Instagrammable Hideaway With Carousel Horses And Huge Cocktail Trees • Prestwich Social

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The Out-Of-Town Instagrammable Hideaway With Carousel Horses And Huge Cocktail Trees • Prestwich Social

It’s not often we branch out to the ‘burbs, but when we do, it’s for something special. Located in up and coming North Manchester town, Prestwich, Prestwich Social is the brainchild of the team behind Deansgate’s popular The Liquor Store – bringing casual dining and a ‘colourful carousel’ of fantastic cocktails to the ‘burb for the first time ever.

Stopping passersby in their tracks with its bright blue exterior, guests are in for quite the treat as soon as they step through the door. Bringing the ‘glamour of Manchester’ with its eclectic interiors, visitors will find photo-ops aplenty with its Instagrammable carousel horses, hanging foliage and brightly coloured booths – all complimented by neon signs highlighting slogans such as ‘don’t be antisocial’ and the very Mancunian ‘proper mint mate’.

Credit: Prestwich Social

Acting as the perfect place to gather come early morning and nightfall, Prestwich Social welcomes guests all. day. long – whether it’s a strong coffee that tickles your fancy, or a boozier dinner with friends after work. Serving a lengthy menu of drinks for all kinds of gatherings, guests can get stuck into a mouthwatering selection of smoothies and shakes, alongside teas and coffees of all varieties, before hitting the many, many cocktails later on.

Consisting of a classic list including tipples such as Espresso Martini, Aperol Spritz, Pina Colada and more, guests can get through the selection of twenty different cocktails, alongside delicious G&Ts and, of course, the venue’s showstopping martini trees that are perfect for sharing with friends.

Credit: Prestwich Social

Food-wise, things remain just as versatile, with a seemingly endless menu of breakfast, small plates, salads, burgers, grilled meats and more up for grabs – with highlights including fish and chips, stacked burgers, rib-eye steaks, and peri-peri chicken. Serving grub right through from 10am til late in the evening before they close at midnight, there’s a dish to take anyone’s fancy – including tons of vegan and veggie dishes that take inspiration from across the globe.


From Northern Italy and the sun-soaked corners of Cyprus, to the US of A and the more local British seaside, guests can rest assured everyone in their group will be catered for.

Credit: Prestwich Social

Becoming quite the self-sufficient ‘hub’, Prestwich has been blessed with a number of fantastic independent businesses over the years bringing the type of service you’d expect from Manchester city centre – including new kid on the block Triple B, Solita (who departed the town last year after being acquired by new owners), OSMA and Folk.

Offering ‘city centre quality’ on the doorsteps of those who reside in the North of Manchester, Prestwich Social is open now from 10am-midnight daily (1am on weekends), and no bookings are required.

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