The Police Have Cleared Up Exactly What We Can And Cannot Do During Lockdown

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The Police Have Cleared Up Exactly What We Can And Cannot Do During Lockdown

The lockdown was extended just last night, but what does it mean for us?

As the UK lockdown continues, it seems there is still some confusion around what we can and cannot do during this time. As other countries have been completely confined to their homes, the UK government has allowed the general public to still leave their homes for a limited number of reasons, however, some members of the public have taken liberties with the rules.

GMP confirmed that over Easter weekend, they were called out to 1,008 house parties, as many struggle to understand why large gatherings in their homes are an issue. Now, the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) and the College of Policing have issued an official list of what is, and what isn’t, reasonable to do during the peak of the virus.


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What can I do? 

  • Buy several days worth of food, including snacks and ‘luxury’ items while doing so (for example, purchasing from the Aldi Special Buys aisle while doing your groceries is permitted)
  • Purchase surplus essential items for another person (e.g. a friend who needs help, a housemate or a relative)
  • Buy a small number of necessities, such as milk and bread

What can’t I do? 

  • Buy home and DIY items with the objective of making home improvements. DIY stores are open only under the circumstances of needing to fix something that is broken.


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What can I do? 

  • Go for a run, cycle or a walk in your nearby area. Yoga is also permitted.
  • Attend an allotment
  • Stop to rest or to eat during exercise (ensuring you are sticking to the 2-metre rule)

What can’t I do? 

  • Drive for a prolonged period to exercise
  • Go for a short walk and spend most of the time seated on a bench. Your daily exercise time should “involve some movement”.

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What can I do? 

  • Travel to work if you are unable to work from home
  • Travel to work if you are a key worker (read more about what constitutes as a key worker here)

What can’t I do?

  • Work from a local park or space
  • Knock on people’s doors offering to do ‘cash-in-hand’ work

Other reasons

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What can I do? 

  • Take an animal to the vets/for medical care
  • Move to a friend or relative’s address for a ‘cooling-off’ period if there has been arguments in the home, however, any household moves should be for days, rather than hours
  • Provide support to the elderly and vulnerable

What can’t I do? 

  • Visit a surgery or vets for prescription renewal that can be made over the phone
  • Visit a friend to be sociable (with the exception of authorised hospital visits)

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