The UK Lockdown Rules For Daily Exercise Have Been Updated

By Laura Rogan March 31, 2020


The new advice has been given to help clear up any confusion.

The UK officially went on lockdown over a week ago, with the government ordering the public to stay at home unless absolutely necessary – with very few exceptions to the rule. And with police patrolling many towns and cities to enforce these new regulations, it can be difficult to navigate what exactly we can and cannot do during this period.

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While the public is instructed to only leave the house for necessary purposes such as “essential work” (which you can find out more about here) and to pick up food and medicines, there is an exception to the rule – which is that you’re able to leave the house for one form of exercise daily. But what exactly does that mean? Here are the rules, as advised by the government:

You can exercise for up to one hour daily

So long as you follow the other guidelines for your own safety and for others, you can take up an exercise outdoors for up to one hour. This, however, discludes sports such as football and golf, and more importantly, team sports. Jogging, cycling and walking, as an example, are permitted. The new time constraints were suggested by Chancellor Michael Gove in a recent press conference.

Dog walking is classed as exercise

If you’re blessed with the gift that is a pet dog, walking your pet classes as your daily exercise. While you may usually drive to a large field to let your dogs stretch their little legs, unfortunately, due to the new regulations, you’ll need to walk them locally without the need for a car.

Do not travel to exercise

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You must stay local when undertaking your daily exercise. This means using local green spaces or running nearby to your house. Unnecessary travel is banned during the lockdown period. Police have begun to set up pull-over spots where drivers must give reasons why their car journey is essential – and it’s really not worth getting into trouble for the sake of a scenic walk around your favourite park.

Gardens are preferable

If you’re one of those lucky people who have their own garden or balcony, utilise it as best possible for anything that requires being outside. Need some fresh air or to stretch your legs? Garden. Fancy a bit of yoga out in the open? Garden. Want a change of scenery? Garden.

Stick to the 2-metre rule

If you’re out in public, you must keep 2 metres away from those who you do not live with. This helps to prevent the spread of the virus, since it’s believed by scientists that COVID-19 is droplet spread. The 2-metre rule applies for everything, whether you are at the shop, doctors, or out getting some exercise.

You cannot meet friends

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While you may be missing your gym buddy, as part of the lockdown rules, we are unable to see anyone outside of our households. Hanging out with friends is not permitted, and you are only able to work out with those that you live with, if not, alone.

Gatherings of more than two are strictly banned

Spot someone you know while circling the park on your daily run? Don’t forget that gatherings of more than two people are banned under the new lockdown rules. It’s also worth remembering the previous rule, where you are not permitted to meet up with friends, unless you live with them. Police are currently enforcing this rule in particular, and have been given special powers to fine and arrest those who do not abide by it.

Wash your hands as soon as you get home

And avoid touching your face until you have done. Even if you don’t believe you have come into contact with anyone or anything, it’s not worth the risk as carriers of the virus could have touched pelican crossings, railings or even the door handle to your apartment building. Better to be safe, than sick!