Netflix Has Revealed That More Episodes Of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Are On The Way

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Netflix Has Revealed That More Episodes Of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Are On The Way

Internet sleuths, rejoice.

The rebooted version of Unsolved Mysteries may have only just dropped, but fans are loving it so much, Netflix has announced six more episodes are on the way – meaning we don’t have to put away our detective caps so soon. Confirming the news to Decider, a spokesperson for the streaming giant revealed that Vol. 2 would be landing on the service later this year. The episodes will make up the second half of the first season, which has been split into two instalments.

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The internet has been going absolutely wild for the new show, which is a reboot of the 80s hit (which ended ten years ago), documenting unusual details around cases around the world which remain completely unsolved. The curious cases usually surround people who have vanished out of thin air or been found dead, with loved ones, friends, witnesses, journalists and detectives coming forward to tell their version of events. Naturally, Twitter has been rife with theories – and to help theorists and sleuths crack the cases, Netflix dropped a ton of unseen evidence on Reddit just last night. A new hobby while on furlough leave, perhaps?

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The pieces of evidence are collated on a Google Drive which includes images of evidence, video clips and unseen interviews that didn’t make it into the final episodes, allowing budding investigators to delve deeper into the mysteries – and maybe even help officials get to the bottom of the cases once and for all.

In just its first week of streaming, the tipline for the show has received over 1500 leads related to the cases, pushing investigators a little closer to the truth for each peculiar death or disappearance.


Netflix is continuing the show’s history of utilising the public to help solve the cases, allowing viewers to submit cases of interest they’d like Netflix to shine a light on, and even opening up a tipline. The original run saw great success using this method, solving a whopping 230 previously unsolved cases.

Part one of Unsolved Mysteries is now available to stream on Netflix worldwide.

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