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Here’s Everything That’s Dropping On Netflix In July 2020

By Laura Rogan

Netflix’s July offering is looking good.

The pubs might be re-opening, but we’ve gotten pretty acquainted to our sofas during lockdown – and with Netflix’s upcoming July offering, we don’t think that will be changing anytime soon. From brand new original movies to the return of hit shows such as The Umbrella Academy – July on Netflix is looking pretty sweet. Read on to see some of Secret Manchester’s top picks of fresh new content.

Midnight In Paris, July 1

Credit: Mediapro

A ‘classic’ Woody Allen film, Midnight In Paris will be hitting the streaming service really soon. Starring Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Marion Cotillard, the story follows a couple who visit Paris for a summer vacation – which sees Gil (Wilson) attempting to finish his novel, where he’s sucked into the beautiful city and everything it has to offer, which sees his relationship with his fiancé (McAdams) take a turn for the worst. Stream it from July 1.

Say I Do: Surprise Weddings, July 1

Credit: Netflix

A brand new reality TV show gifted by the Netflix Gods, Say I Do: Surprise Weddings is a great break from our current daily Don’t Tell The Bridge binges. The show sees a number of couples overcome obstacles before tying the knot in a surprise wedding that’s been organised by three experts in less than one week. Tense! The new show drops July 1.

The Truman Show, July 1

Credit: Scott Rudin Productions

One of Jim Carrey’s most famous movies, The Truman Show follows an insurance salesman who lives his life with no clue that he’s the subject of a TV show. Everyone around him is an actor, and everything that happens in his life is set up by the puppet-handlers behind the scenes. But things go awry when he begins to suspect that something’s up. Watch from July 1.

Desperados, July 2

Credit: Netflix

Desperados is the latest instalment to Netflix’s original rom-com category, starring Lamorne Morris (New Girl) and Nasim Pedrad (New Girl). The film follows a panicked woman who rushes to Mexico with her two friends after sending a cringy email to the guy she loves – in a bid to delete it before he sees it. Expect a tangled storyline featuring an ex-boyfriend and some hilarious moments as the girls try and complete their mission. Streaming from July 2.

JU-ON: Origins, July 2

Credit: Netflix

This one’s for the horror fans. Prepare to be spooked as The Grudge gets a whole new lease of life, in the form of an origin series. The brand new series (which will be a horror first for Netflix Japan) will follow a paranormal researcher who’s become obsessed with a cursed home, where something terrible happened to a mother and child a long time ago. The series will act as a prequel to the story we’re already familiar with, and dig up the dark history of the curse. Binge watch it on July 2.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout, July 2

Credit: Skydance Media

Released back in 2018, the sixth and latest film in the Mission Impossible franchise will be available to watch next month. Starring Tom Cruise (obviously), Rebecca Furguson and Henry Cavill, the film sees the team try to stop a group of terrorists, who are plotting a nuclear attack across a number of cities. Watch it on July 2.

Stateless, July 8

Credit: Netflix

Set in an Australian immigration centre, Stateless, which was created by and stars Cate Blanchett, is coming to the streaming platform On July 8. Four strangers cross paths at the detention centre, all from completely different backgrounds, as the drama flashes back to their lives before being detained. Think Orange Is The New Black, but tackling a major immigration issue that Australia has been tackling for some time. Blanchett is joined by Yvonne Strahovski (The Handmaid’s Tale), Fayssal Bazzi, Jai Courtney (Suicide Squad) and even Dominic West (The Wire).


The Old Guard, July 10

Credit: Netflix

Based on a graphic novel of the same name, The Old Guard is about a group of immortal mercenaries who have special healing powers. Which sounds pretty sweet, until they realise someone’s onto their secret. The mercenaries must fight to protect their secret. Charlize Theron stars in the sci-fi action movie. The Old Guard premieres on Netflix July 10.

Cursed, July 17

Credit: Netflix

King Arther, welcome to your tape. Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why) steps into a new Netflix original series with Cursed – a re-telling of the legend of King Arthur. The series is based on the Frank Miller novel of the same name, and tells the tale through the eyes of a young heroine on a journey to deliver an ancient sword to Merlin. Daniel Sharman (Medici) and Gustaf Skarsgård (Westworld) also feature. Watch it from July 17.

BlackkKklansman, July 24

Credit: Focus Features

From legendary filmmaker Spike Lee, BlackKklansman re-tells the true story of Ron Stallworth – an African American detective who successfully infiltrates the KKK during the 70s. The film received both critical and fan acclaim upon its release, earning it a well-deserved Oscar. The movie displays important racial issues, bringing it back to the injustice still faced to this day – particularly in the US. Stream it from July 24.

Good Girls (S3), July 26

Credit: Universal Television

Hilarious comedy-crime series Good Girls is back for a third round, picking up where it left off (which was a major cliffhanger – to say the least). If you haven’t seen it before, the show follows three cash-strapped mothers looking for an easy way to make some extra cash for their families – however, things take quite the turn when they get involved in some illegal activities. Catch up on the third season from July 26.

The Umbrella Academy (S2), July 31

Credit: Netflix

Hit show The Umbrella Academy is back for its second season, following the aftermath of Vanya’s (Ellen Page) discovery. The Hargreeves family will be back for more supernatural antics, with the new series set to continue delving into Vanya’s power. Will she stay on the right track? Which dark forces will the siblings be forced to take on this time? Guess we’ll find out on July 31.

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