McDonald’s Reveals Why No Manchester Restaurants Are Re-Opening

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McDonald’s Reveals Why No Manchester Restaurants Are Re-Opening

Northerners are not happy…

Finally announcing which UK stores will re-open just yesterday, McDonald’s has caused quite the stir on social media – revealing that no Northern restaurants would be opening in their trial run. In fact, there was nothing past the Midlands either, with all selected stores residing in the South.

And understandably, the burger chain has had some explaining to do, as hundreds of Maccies fans took to Twitter to express their frustration. One fan wrote “Are you social distancing from the North?”, while others showed their anger more clearly, saying: “The actual disappointment is unreal embarrassing you could have atleast spread the stores out instead of half of them being down south pure spineless”.

While the news is disappointing, to say the least, it appears there’s a good reason for it, with one disgruntled customer managing to get some clarity from the fast-food chain.

The response reads: “Hi Sophie, These 15 restaurants were chosen for their proximity to our distribution centre as we slowly but safely seek to reopen our restaurants and restart our supply chain. Rest assured we are working hard to reopen more restaurants across the UK and Ireland at the right time.”

The lucky 15 stores will be operating on a delivery basis only to their local areas, with a limited menu implemented as the business gradually re-opens across the UK. Here’s the full list of participating restaurants:

  • Chelmsford Riverside
  • Chelmsford Westway
  • Ipswich Cardinal Park
  • Boreham Interchange
  • Luton Leagrave
  • Watford Hertfordshire Arms
  • Chaul End Lane, Luton
  • Beechings Way, Gillingham
  • Sittingbourne Retail Park
  • Gillingham Bowaters
  • Tooting
  • Dalston
  • Welling
  • Harrow
  • Luton George Street
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