McDonald’s Is Re-Opening 15 Restaurants In The UK This Month

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McDonald’s Is Re-Opening 15 Restaurants In The UK This Month

Big news for Maccie’s fans.

It’s been a whole month and more since the golden arches dimmed their lights and the doors to the home of the Big Mac temporarily closed. And now, fans can rejoice at the news that the much-loved fast-food chain is planning to re-launch their delivery service across the UK.

Rolling out across 15 stores initially, McDonald’s will be serving food via delivery service only, with the 15 selected stores re-opening May 13.

Credit: McDonald’s

Paul Pomroy, McDonald’s chief executive officer for the UK and Ireland, said: “When we return it will be different as we all adjust to this new normal.

“I want to apologise in advance if our first wave of reopened restaurants does not serve your area. Rest assured, we are working hard to reopen more restaurants, but I am adamant this must be at the right pace with the wellbeing of our employees, suppliers and customers front of mind.


“Slowly, but safely, we will return to towns and cities across the UK and Ireland, and thank you for your continued support as we work through this crisis.”

Since the chain’s closures, the restaurants have been testing out new social distancing measures, to ensure the stores are safe for both staff and the public before re-opening.

It is currently unclear which stores will be selected, however, these are set to be announced next week.

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